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college algebra
simplify. express answer with positive exponents only. (-2x^-5y^4z^2)-3

solve. check for extraneous roots.3^2x-4(3)^x+3=0

solve 5^(p+4)= 2^(4-5p)to 2 decimal places

math 12
The bacterium Escherichia coli, or E-coli, has a doubling period of 0.32 h. If a culture starts with 100 bacteria: (a) Determine the equation for the number of bacteria, y, in x hours. b) How many hours will pass before there are 450 bacteria in the culture?

hi, i need some help with my econ homework. i know what the law is, basically that more isn't always better. i just need to know how to tell if it applies to a labor equation. my problem goes like this. F(K,L) = K + 10L, write expressions for marginal product of labor and ...

For the data ; let A denote the sample mean and M denote the sample median. Then value of A & M???

The probability that at most 3 tosses of a balanced dice are required to get a prime number on top is equal to????

The probability that a prime number occurs on at least 2 tosses when a balanced dice is tossed 5 times independently is equal to???

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