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math(is this how you work this)
solve the equation 15-4x=2(3x+1) 15-4x=6x+1 -4x+6x+1-15 2x-14 x=-14/2=-7

a partial moves along the x-axis so that its velocity at time t, for 0< = t = < 6, is given by a differentiable function v whose graph is shown above. The velocity is 0 at t=0, t=5, and the graph has horizontal tangents at t=4. the areas of the regions bounded by the t-a...

consider the differential equation dy/dx= (y - 1)/ x squared where x not = 0 a) find the particular solution y= f(x) to the differential equation with the initial condition f(2)=0 (b)for the particular solution y = F(x) described in part (a) find lim F(x) X goes to infinity

I've got a project due on Monday and i can't find any thing on what I'm supposed to be doing it on. I'm doing it on the chemical mixture of jelly and whenever i type that into Google it just comes up as like petroleum jelly and doesn't give me any answers. ...

What are some international and nation public health services that someone could volunteer at?

college algerba
Solve by the substitution method: 2x - 3y = 7 y = 3x - 7

college algerba
Solve by the substitution method:

How did Indian and European-American cultures affect each others?

In the short story, "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" what is the significance of the title?

i wanna try to get my adorable rare chinese dwarf hamster on a bag of pet food or something. everywhere i try to find out stuff its always wut i dont want. could you plz help me. thx in advance!

thanks this website helped alot!!!!!!!!!! i just got a chinesse dwarf and i never herd of them before .

are chinesse dwarf hamsters rare??????

English- Jane Eyre
We have to complete a study guide for English class but for some reason I can't find any of the answers, can anyone help? Chapter 5: According to the girl Jane meets, why is Lowood called an institution? How has Miss Scatcherd punished the girl Jane has spoken to? Chapter ...

wut should i study for a social studies unit test in the 8th grade????

a larger square- put 4 4x4s together rectangle - stack 2 ontop of each other im not sure about another but i have 2


how is to triple eight notes played as

x=3 y=2 no cause 3x3-2=7 not 6 does this help much???

math (extra credit)!
thx but this didnt help i need to know why n^0= 1

math (extra credit)!
my teacher asked me why a number to the zero power is equal to 1. could you please explain why a number to the zero power equals 1?

math (very easy )
do you know why anything to the zero power is one???? thanks in advance

thank you this helped me alot

what is the 3 laws of motion? & what is the law of universal gravitation plz answer thx in advance

how is the concept of empathy illustrated and developed in Raymond Carver's "cathedral"

What effect did the Mexican-American war have on the issue of slavery in the U.S.? Why did it have this effect? Why would the compromise of 1850 have been controversial in both the north and the south?

Algebra II
HELP! How do I set this problem up? Im confuzzled... Tom mows lawns and whitewashes fences during his summer vacation. He is paid $12 for each lawn mowed and $17 for each fence painted. Last month Tom did 105 jobs and made a total of $1410. How many of each job did he do?

On its way to Peace River, Alberta, a car enters a passing zone on the highway. The car is 25.0 m behind a truck and both vehicles are travelling at 41.0 m/s. The car accelerates uniformly to overtake the truck and after the car has travelled 280m, it is 25.0 m ahead of the tr...

Algebra II
I skipped algebra I so I never learned about matrices. If you had a 2X3 matrix & multiplied it by a 3X2 matrix, what size would the product matrix be? Would it be a 3X3? Is there any way to know? I have a test monday and i want to make sure I know this.

a circle is tangent to the y-axis at y=3 and has one x-intercept at x=1 1. determine the other x-intercept 2. find an equation for the circle so i know two points on the circle are (0,3) and (1,0) and the equation for a circle is (x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 = r^2 but i don't know ho...

Kp=Kc(RT)^delta(N) .25=Kc(.08206*1100)^(2-3) .25=Kc(90.27)^-1 .25=Kc 1.108*10^-2 divide both sides by 1.108*10^-2 22.6=Kc it may be off a bit because i didnt account for significant figures

The human eye is sensitive to electromagenetic waves that have wavelengths in the range from 400nm to 700nm (1nm=10^-9m). What range of the frequencies of electromagentic radiation can the eye detect? Can you please show me the steps and work because i dont understand what i a...

what is the relation between a solide and a liquid Well ice can turn into water. Try reading:

Social Studies
What your opinion on this statement? The only way to have a successful communist government is to have a corrupt leader. well that sorta depends dosent it? in all honesty i would say it appears more often but i wouldnt say 100%. Your statement is no more true for a communist g...

Social Studies
What your opinion on this statement? Government censorship is essential to avoid opposition. Maybe not essential, but it seems to be working for the current administration. The potential is always there for retaliation and the lid blowing off though.

Social Studies
What your opinion on this statement? If one country can develop nuclear weapons all should be able to. I'd turn it around and say If one country can do without then all should be able to....Yes, even us.

Social Studies
What your opinion on this statement? Eliminating communist ideas in a democratic country is a contradiction. Yes it is a contradiction. See:

Social Studies
What your opinion on this statement? The only way for the Cold War to end is through eliminating one government policy. I'd say the opposite might be true. The only way for a cold war to end is by having one world government. By the way, the cold war ended in the early 199...

A uniform electric field of magnitude 250 V/m is directed in the positive x direction. A +12.0-ìC charge moves from the origin to the point (x, y) = (20.0 cm, 50.0 cm). (a) What is the change in the potential energy of the charge–field system? (b) Through what pote...

sketch the curve using the parametric equation to plot the points. use an arrow to indicate the direction the curve is traced as t increases. Find the lenghth of the curve for o<t<1. Find an equation for the line tangent to the curve at the point where t=-t. the equation...

For the parametric curve defined x=2t^3-12t^2-30t+9 and y=t^2-4t+6 ..find dy/dx and then where is the tangent to the curve vertical (give the cartesian coordiantes of the points. and find the tang. to the curve horizontal dx/dt= 6t^2-24t-30 dy/dt= 2t-4 dy/dx= (t-2)/(3t^2-12t-1...

physics..please help?
At rest, a car’s horn sound at the note A(440Hz) The horn is sounded while the car is moving down the street. A bicyclist moving the same direction with one third the car’s speed hears a frequency of 415 Hz. What is the speed of the car? Is the cyclist adead of or be...

A stereo speaker emits sound waves with a power output of 100W. (a) find the intensity 10.0m from the source. B) find the intensity level in decibels, at this distance. C) at what distance would you experience the sound at the threshold of pain,120dB?

Valentin Frech
need to know what a card with the picture of a boy hiding behind a heart might be. I got: Carte de _ _ _ H _ I _ _ I dont know what it is :( 1.) Dis a tes _ _ _ _ combien tu les amies. 2.) Ce qu'on ressent pour ses amis. 5.) On en envoie une a celui qu'on aime. Thank y...

Valentines French
I solved most of my questions but these stumped me: 1.) Dis a tes _ _ _ _ combien tu les amies. 2.) Ce qu'on ressent pour ses amis. 3.) Qui sera l'elu(e) de ton _o_ _ r. (is it coeur?) 4.) La St-Valentin est la fete de l' _ _ _ _r. 5.) On en envoie une a celui qu&#...

I need help with the following translations from english to french: Ring- the trick is that its a crossword so the word has to fit. here are the blanks; _ A _ _ E B A G U E thank-you Can you answer another question: I need to know what a card with the picture of a boy hiding b...

Comman Sense
What are symbols of love. (Im doing a crossword puzzle) _E_ _ _ S Can you fill the blanks? H E A R T S

Comman Sense
What does cupid shooy from his bow to make people fall in love? He shoots an arrow.

"EASY" Algebra
Im not sure how to do this. (5q^3)(-12q^-4n^4) So far what i did was multiply 5 by -12 to get -60. Then q^3 by q^-4 to get q^-1. I dont know what to do after this. Maybe you could tell me what I should do and then I can solve it. I was taught exponent rules but I'm not qui...

Why do people say that we should have a big breakfast and a small dinner? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Think about your car and filling it up with gasoline, etc. before you take a long trip. You need energy to run on as you begin your day. During the day...


or I would think: -5/4 you think so??? I have complety forgotton how to turn a decimal into a fraction. i have to turn : -1.25 into a fraction -1 1/4 maybe??? thats what i thought at first but i like to confirm it yes i think thats it..awsome thanks no problem

50. In both monopolistic competition and non-price-discriminating monopoly, isn't the marginal revenue curve lies below the demand curve? 51. A monopolistically competitive firm is producing an output level where marginal revenue is greater than marginal cost. This firm sh...

Among monopoly, oligopoly, Monopolistic competition, and perfect competition, how would you classify the markets for each of the following drinks? a. tap water b. bottled water c. cola d. beer I think it would be... a. Monopoly b. Oliopoly c. monopolistic competition d. monopo...

line BC is one side of a regular n-gon. The sides next to line BC are extended to meet at W. Find the measure of angle W in terms of n That's a triangle. Use the facts about the relationships between the angles. If the ngon is regular, then all sides are equal, and all ang...

Algebra1!Plz help I have test 2morrow!!!
so would the new eqaution be... 2x+8=10 then.. 2x=2 x=1? We know that y = x + 8. So if x + y = 10, then x + x + 8 = 10. but what about the y?ANd what do I do afetr that? If you know what x equals, then you can calculate what y equals. Once you've solved for x and y, you ar...

given S=piX(X+2Y) and V=piX^2Y show that dS/dX=pi(X-Y) when V is constant, and dV/dX=-piX(X-Y)when S is constant. Please HELP!! I have tried several times, and I dont get the result you asked for. If we're given S=piX(X+2Y), then dS/dx= piX(1+2Y')+pi(X+2Y)= pi(X+2XY...

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