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Round whole numbers
The tallest mountain in Cailfornia is MT. Whitney. It is 14,491 feet tall. Round it's height to the nearest thousand

using the example above, the new highway will be a total of 54 miles long. will the highway be finished in 8 mouths

A model of a car has a scale of 1:25,a model is 18cm long,calculate the metres and actual length of the car

international law
Is the US claim to a 12 nm territorial sea and a 200 nm exclusive economic zone valid under international law?why or why not?Should the United States become a party to UNCLOS III by accession?What are the arguments both for and against becoming a party? please help me i have b...

i'm having a hard time paraphrasing this passage in MLA style and also using it as a direct quote in APA please help!! The United States faces two major CT challenges in the Arabian Peninsula—the direct threat posed by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and the...

international law
What are the sources of the rules of international law? Are those rules legally binding? Do powerful states like the United States comply with the rules, or ignore them? Why would states bother to comply with the rules when there are no central enforcement institutions? Is int...

in the diagram below of circle o, diameter AB IS PARALLEL TO CHORD cd. if CD=70, WHAT IS MAC?

math riddle

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