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lim y->2 (sqrt(y+2)-2)/(y-2)

lim y->2 (sqrt(y+2)-2)/(y-2)

A car of mass 1410 kg traveling at 26 m/s is at the foot of a hill that rises 115 m in 4 km. At the top of the hill, the speed of the car is 14 m/s. Find the average power delivered by the car's engine, neglecting any frictional losses.

A golf ball is hit with an initial velocity of 50 m/s at an angle of 39 degrees above the horizontal. How far does it travel?(horizontal distance)(g = 9.8 m/s2). I made a right triangle. Found that Vi(x)=38.857, Vi(y)=312.466, both Vf's were 0, although Vf(y) is taking onl...

A ball thrown into the air lands on the same horizontal level, 31 m away, and 2.65 s later. Find the magnitude of the initial velocity.

A job in an insurance office involves telephone conversations with policyholders. The office manager estimates that about half of the employee’s time is spent on the telephone. How many observations are needed in a work sampling study to estimate that time percentage to w...

Given these chemical reactions: Ca^(2+)(aq) + 2IO3^(-)(aq) → Ca(IO3)2(s) Ca(NO3)2·4H2O(s) → Ca^(2+)(aq) + 2NO3^(-)(aq) + 4H2O(l) KIO3(s) → K^(+)(aq) + IO3(-)(aq) Calculate the masses of Ca(NO3)2·4H2O(s) and KIO3(s) required to make 10 g of Ca(IO...

A trait whose expression is affected by the presence of sex hormones is said to be a. sex-influenced b. sex-linked c. X-linked d. Y-linked I read the section multiple tmes, and the book doesn't really specify. Thanks in advance if you could answer it!

Let f(x)= -3x^4+79x^2-3x+1 ___________________ 5x^4+19x^4+2x+5 Discuss the short run behavior for f(x)and the long run for f(x).

math 162
Let f(x= -3 ________________ (x+2) (2x-5) Specify any zeros, and asymptotes of f(x).

college algebra
Let f denote an odd function and g an odd function. Decide whether the function h(x)=g(x) f(x) is even or odd.

math 162
Let f(x)= -3x^4+79x^2-3x+1/ 5x^4+19x^3+2x+5. Discuss the short run behavior for f(x) and the long run behavior for f(x).

math 162
Let f(x)= -3/(x+2)(2x-5).How do i specify any zeros, and asymptotes of f(x).

(Preferably answered by tomorrow night - that's plenty of time.) Ray OB is the bisector of angle AOC and ray OC is the bisector of angle BOD. m of angle AOC = 60. Find m of angle COD. *m means "measure" Write a proof in two-column form. Given: ray DC is perpendic...

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