April 1, 2015

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INT. Algebra
suppose that W is inversely proportional to V. If W = 63 when V = 9, find W when V = 81
March 13, 2015

A person is selected at random from a population that has the following characteristics: 65% of the people are men; the others are women 12% of the men are smokers 7% of the women are smokers 1. Find the chance that the selected person is a non-smoker, given that the person is...
April 18, 2013

in a parallelogram abcd=28,bc=45,and ac=53. is the parallelogram a rectangle?
March 23, 2011

what does pluralism mean in a familial sense?
October 31, 2010

Chemistry--help me, please
how would you separate Fe3+ from Ba2+ in a mixture? Please explain and give an equation for reaction.
October 30, 2010

Business Math
Rex Corporation accepted a $5,000 8%, 120-day note dated August 8 from Regis Company in settlement of a past bill. On October 11, Rex discounted the note at Park Bank at 9%. What is the note's dicount period?
May 4, 2010

round 44-21
October 2, 2009

explain the three main techniques of persuasion?
February 24, 2009

ASAP math
how you do this: The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 36cm, and the area is 60cm. The length of the base is 3cm less than the length of a leg. Find the length of each side.
September 29, 2008

Native Americans
who is an indian? what is an indian tribe? how does an indian become a member of a tribe? do all indians live on reservations? are indians entitled to a free college education? are indians US citizens? did all indians speak one language? why are indians reffered to as "...
September 7, 2006

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