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Microecon help
Having trouble with this question on study guide. Please Help! (1) An article in the New York Times (Oct. 18, 1990) described a successful marketing campaign by the French champagne industry. The article also noted that “many executives felt giddy about the stratospheric ...
September 3, 2007

Computer (Excel)
This is my assignment (actually a quiz) You work at an accounting firm and you need to design a spreadsheet for a business customer's income and expenses. The business is divided into four departments: Sales, Marketing, Development, and Executive. Each dept. keeps track of...
June 21, 2007

In the Monetary policy transmission mechanism, explain what could go wrong between the following points 1. Change in the monetary policy and Change in the money supply 2. Change in the money supply and Change in the aggregate demand curve Change in the aggregate demand curve ...
June 12, 2007

In the Monetary policy transmission mechanism, explain what could go wrong between the following points
June 12, 2007

Palm beach state college
May 6, 2007

This problem is really confusing, I have been trying and I can't get the answer, can you help me? An Afternoon event was a race through the park. The race started at the point with the coordinates of (2,3). The first turn was at (2,6), the second turn was (6,6) and the ...
May 6, 2007

UNSCRAMBLE 33 letters to make 9 words
April 16, 2007

Hi, I really need help on this question, I'm stuck. Lake View Middle School is having elections for Class President. Shawn has received a certain amount of votes. April has 6 more votes than Shawn, and David has 6 times as many votes as April. Michael received 1/2 the ...
April 14, 2007

What makes a stressor worse? repetition, repulsiveness, pressure, or exhaustion
March 20, 2007

Calc Help
Find two functions that this could be the derivative of: y'=4x+7 I have one: y=2x^2 + 7x I cant think of another one!! add a constant. Remember that you can add an arbitrary constant to any integral. The derivative will be the same.
March 7, 2007

Calc Limits
lim (1+x)^1/x. Give an exact answer. x->0 This reads: The limits as x approaches zero is (1 plus x) to the 1 divided by x. The log of each term is (1/x) ln (1 + x) = ln (1+x)/x Using L'Hopital's rule for the limit of f(x)/g(x), the limit if the log is lim f'/g&#...
February 16, 2007

Calc Help
A manufacturer's revuenve in dollars is given by R(x)=1500x-0.02x^2 where x is number of units sold. Find the marginal revenue function. Use the derivative to estimate the revenue gained from selling the 35th unit. The marginal revenue function is the derivative, dR/dx = ...
February 16, 2007

Calc Help
Find the derivative. Express answer in radical notation with no negative exponents. s=4(sqroot t)+(3/t)+2t^5 This reads (4 times the square root of t) plus (3 divided by t) plus 2t to the 5th. Differentiate it one term at a time, using the rule: d/dt(t^n) = n*t^(n-1) s(x) = 4 ...
February 16, 2007

Calc Help
Find the derivative. Express answer in exponential notation without any negative exponents. y= 1/(sqroot5x+2)^3 This reads: 1 divided by the square root of (5x+2) to the third
February 16, 2007

This is a group with distinct national origins or cultural patterns. For example, Norwegian Americans belong to this type of group. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Do you mean "ethnic groups?"
February 7, 2007

What type of energy always stays the same? There are chemical, electric, magnetic, gravitational, nuclear, and thermal (kinetic). All can be changed for the other. I can not think of an exception. Your teacher must have something specific in mind, I have no idea.
February 5, 2007

January 16, 2007

January 16, 2007

english help!!?!?
Mom smiles sweet as cold cash at each salesman in the carpet & dapery store where they offer my sister & me white mints fat as mushrooms while we walk up and down the aisles trying to make earth match the sky. What does the narrator mean when she says “make earth match ...
December 26, 2006

A roulette wheel with a 1.0m radius reaches a maximum angular speed of 18 rad/s before it stops 35 revolutions ( 220 rad ) after attaining the maximum speed. How long did it take the wheel to stop? Unless you mean the 35 revs occur after max speed, it cannot be solved. The ...
December 19, 2006

November 26, 2006

Must use meters, not kilometers.
November 12, 2006

English question!
what is historical context ? how do I Identify and describe details that develop the historical context of a story? Hi Robert, 'Historical Context' basically means, at what period in history the story is taking place. To identify and describe details that develop the ...
November 10, 2006

What is the name of the island in the latest Lemony Snicket book "The End" I'm sure it tells you in the book. Have you read it?? ??
November 9, 2006

English+ check!!!
from informal to formal: Informal: After work, Rebecca hung with her friends for a bit. Nothing much happening. She should of headed off to the store for dinner, but instead she grabbed some junk food. Killed some time by checking out a softball game in the park. formal: After...
November 9, 2006

im getting that the moles C = .347 moles H = .436 moles O = 0.025 and getting a formula of C14H17O However, i looked it up on wiki and saw that the formula for ibuprofen is in fact i C13H18O2. the C/H discrepancy is understandable, but the O2 to O is not. Could i have missed ...
October 17, 2006

Simplifly variable Expressions
by dividing 5 into 5 and it equals 1 with a square root of 2 and that equals 1.
September 20, 2006

Simplifly variable Expressions
September 20, 2006

September 20, 2006

Is there anyone kind enough to provide any suggestions? I see that others have been responded to at least once and not this one. What is the problem? And if its a matter of not putting a particular subject, than perhaps it should also be addressed to others who do not do it ...
September 5, 2006

Any suggestions? [No subject]
I have a team project due on Saturday. I need to know what how to approach my first appearance. For example, indicate times I am avaliable and mode of communication (not a short bio because I have done that already). What else should I inform the group of me or the project ...
September 4, 2006

Atherosclerosis is a condition also called "hardening of the arteries", resulting in reduced elasticity of the arteries. Identify two circulatory problems that might arise from this effect on the vessels. I have no idea Atherosclerosis causes two main problems. First...
August 5, 2006

history native american indians
what kind of discrimination has the native american indians dealt with? for example Environmental justice issues Affirmative action Redlining Double jeopardy Institutional discrimination Reverse discrimination I would like to know where I would be able to find this information...
July 26, 2006

I'm looking for some help with my statistics homework...I'm good with the basics, but I really bombed on my last class anyone??? To help you, we need to know specifically what problems you have. Please repost with specific problems. I hope this helps a little. Thanks ...
July 13, 2006

Pre Calculas
Complete the identity sin theta / cos theta + cos theta / sin theta = ? Do you mean (sin theta/cos theta) + (cos theta/sin theta) ? That would equal tan x + cot x = tan x + (1/tan x) = (tan^2 x + 1)/ tan x I don't see any way to further simplify it. 1/(cosx)(sinx) or sin^...
June 10, 2006

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