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-5x - 8y = (-3,0) Is this ordered pair a solution
January 16, 2008

Find three different ordered pairs that are solution of the equation Y= 7+4x
January 15, 2008

find y when x= 1,0,and 2 y=13-7x
January 8, 2008

A local gym charge nonmembers $ 19 per hour to use the tennis courts. Members pay a yearly fee of $300 and $4 per hour for using the tennis courts. Write and solve an equation to find how many hours you must use the tennis courts to justify becoming a member.
January 7, 2008

A 3.3 kg wooden block is placed on 22 degree inclined plane and is connected by a string that passes over a light friciton less pulley at the top of the incline and then attached to a hanging 3.0kg block.If the coefficient of static friction bet the 1st block and the surface ...
October 30, 2007

kevin has a piece of aluminum which has a density of 2.7gms/cm3 and a mass of 63 grams what is the volume of the piece of aluminum
September 17, 2007

algebra 2
is 1.765 a rational or irrational number
September 4, 2007

k i need to solve the following system: 7x - 8y = 24 xy^2 = 1 i figured out that x = 1/y^2 and i can reduce it to : 7=24y^2+8y^3 but i don't know how to reduce it anymore after that I think I would solve it graphically, that is, plot on my graphing calculator the two ...
August 12, 2007

15/28 45/84
May 22, 2007

Mara ordered 5 bags of seed for $7.00 each and 3 wildflower seed kits for $9.00 each.She also paid a $13 shipping fee.Which expression shows the total cost? What is the solution of 5(n+m)when n=3 and m=6? Which inequality symbol makes the statement true? 11-(-2)_____-6-12 Mara...
March 7, 2007

"before you start pointing fingers.. make sure your hands are clean" i'm having trouble defining this quote or explaining it. can you help me?. i think it means before you judge someone you should make sure your actions aren't worse then theirs. uh, not sure...
September 28, 2006

does anyone know who else was involved in the battle of Gettysburg besides Pres. Lincoln, Robert Lee, & George Meade? please & thank you How about General George Pickett? do you know if that's the only person i forgot? For information on other people involved in that ...
September 18, 2006

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