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Sorry, I forgot to enter the question: What is the empirical formula?

When elemental sulfur,S8,is heated with AgF,a gas forms that contains only sulfur and fluorine. The following tests were done to characterize this gaseous product. *The density of the gas was found to be 0.807g/L at 152mmHg and 35 degrees celsius. *When the gas reacts with wat...

Dr.Bob222, I've been attempting the problem I posted previously about the ferrous ammonium sulphate, but I'm having no luck. I'm having trouble with my balanced equation. Do you mind showing me how to do the balanced equation? Thank you

4.0 g of ferrous ammonium sulphate, FeS04(NH4)2 SO4 6H20, is used. The oxalate is in excess, calculate the theoretical yield of the iron complex. Can someone please show me how to calculate a question like this please? Thank you

In a ferris wheel, one person is at the top and another at the bttom. The ferris wheel rotates such that the magnitude of the tangetial velocity of each person is equal |v|top=|v|bottom. Determine for the person at the bottom, the force the seat exerts on the person. Use a sta...

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