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A farm boy studying physics believes that he can fit a 15.0 m long pole into a 12.0 m long barn if he runs fast enough (carrying a pole). Can he do it? Explain in detail.How does this fit with the idea tht when he is running the barn looks even shorter to him than 12.0 m ?

A coil with 150 turns , a radius of 5.0 cm , and a resistance of 12 ohms surrounds a solenoid with 230 turns/cm,and a radius of 4.5 cm. The current in the solenoid changes at a constant rate from 0 to 2 A in 0.10 sec. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the induced curren...

Batteries are not perfect. Instead they have an "internal resistance, a catch all phrase which describes the internal chemical workings of the battery which prevents it from providing an unchanging voltage regardless ofnits load. A simple model of internal resistance atta...

physics-to drwls
how can we do the B part of the question...

A high-voltage line of length 175 m is carrying a current of 105 A at a point on the earth where its magnetic field is 5 * 10^(-5) T and points North,34 degree from the vertical axis. A) what is the magnitude and direction of the force on the wire if the current is flowing hor...

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