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chem - instrumental analysis
A stock solution of ethanol is made by weighing out the correct amount of absolute ethanol in a tared beaker containing 15 ml of water. Why is it necessary to add water to the beaker before adding the ethanol?

Of all the videotapes in a large shipment, 21% have a defective tape, 16% have a defective case, and 11% have both defects. If you purchase one of the videotapes in this shipment, find the probability that it has the following. (a) A defective tape or a defective case. p = .26...

math 141
Maria just inherited $10,000. Her bank has a savings account that pays 4.1% interest per year. Some of her friends recommended a new mutual fund, which has been in business for three years. During its first year, the fund went up in value by 11%; during the second year, it wen...

The van der waals equation incorperates corrections for the ideal gas laws in order to account for the properties of real gases. one of the corrections accounts for 1:The kinetic energy being inversly proportional to the temperature 2:The possibility of chemical reactions betw...

probability in math
can anyone help me with a probability question?

How exactly does Free Body Diagrams work?

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