November 26, 2015

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7grade math
I think something is missing in your question. The perimeter is found by adding L +W +L+W= 8+6+8+6=28 inches. If trying to find dimension of another rectangle which is in ratio 1:2 then the parameter of that second rectangel will be twice , that is 56 inches, and its dimention...
November 16, 2010

y = x^2 - 18. To get vertex you try to write the equation in the form y=a(x-h)^2 +k, where vertex is (h,k) Our equation can be written as y=1(x-0)^2 +(-18) Comparing with the formula equation, we see that h=0 and k=-18 So vertex (0,-18)
November 16, 2010

Greatest capacity will be achieved when the area of cross section will be maximum. Let X be the base ,so (12-X)/2 will be the height. Area= Base x height= X(12-X)/2 =(12X-X^2)/2 Following the maximum theory, we differentiate the area w.r.t X and equate it to zero. d/dX of(Area...
November 15, 2010

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