February 28, 2017

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Two rays with common endpoint O form a 30 degree angle. Point A lies on one ray, point B on the other ray, and AB=1. What is the maximum possible length of OB?
May 7, 2016

Screenshot of my solution here (get rid of all spaces and the url should work): lh3. googleusercontent. com/-Tpu8S83BSbc/Vy1oGcAFEiI/AAAAAAAAD-Q/LDg0yszPVOcN8pWYNyH11rLstx00HpSKQCK8B/s512/2016-05-06. png Can someone check it please?
May 6, 2016

Oh wait, I think I'm onto something and might have the solution! (Hopefully it's right... I think I'll post it on here when I'm done for confirmation)
May 6, 2016

Let x, y, and z be real numbers such that cos(x) + cos(y) + cos(z) = sin(x) + sin(y) + sin(z) = 0. Prove that cos(2x) + cos(2y) + cos(2z) = sin(2x) + sin(2y) + sin(2z) = 0.
May 6, 2016

A plane flies at 220 km/h toward the south as observed by a person on the ground. The airplane pilot measures an air velocity of 2.8 x 105 m/h south. What is the velocity of the wind that affects the plane?
October 8, 2015

Paul charges people $25 to test the air quality in their homes. The device he uses to test air quality cost him $500. a.) Write an equation that describes Paul's net profit as a function of the number of clients he gets. b.) How many clients does he need to break-even (...
October 7, 2015

February 5, 2015

November 19, 2013

In the following reaction, how many liters of carbon dioxide, CO2, measured at STP, would be produced from the decomposition of 143 g of magnesium carbonate, MgCO3? MgCO3---MgO+CO2
November 19, 2013

Silver reacts with nitric acid to form nitrogen monoxide, silver nitrate and water. Calculate the volume of nitrogen monoxide gas (@STP) that can be produced from the reaction of 5.00g of silver?
October 7, 2013

A helium balloon contains 0.26 g of helium. How many moles of helium does it contain?
November 17, 2008

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