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math (please check answer)
Which is the best measure of central tendency for the type of data below–the mean, the median, or the mode? Explain. Hours of sleep each night Median; there will be outliers Range; there are no outliers Mode; the data are non-numeric Mean; the outliers are limited MY ANSW...

science (check!)
thank you.

thank you for correcting me (: @steve

Calculate the slant height for the given cone. Round to the nearest tenth. Diameter = 8cm height = 9 cm 10.2 cm 11.4 cm 9.8 cm 12.0 cm****

science gr.8
1) Why would scientists be looking at a species to see if it was actually more than one species? 2) How can discovering this new species of dolphin help the Australian government protect all its dolphins? Article Summary: The article which these questions are from is about a n...

Thanks! But now I can't figure out how to explain.

Corey needs 24 boards that are 47 1/2 inches long. How many feet of boards should he buy? Explain. If you can only buy 8 foot boards, how many should he buy? Explain.

Easy math
Can someone give me just four random rational numbers (decimal or fraction) between the numbers of -1, and 1?

Can someone give me about four random fractions between -1 and 1. Just random. I am doing a poster project. (Also give them in decimal form aswell.

Math Poster Project
I have do complete a poster for math but I have some confusing instructions at first. Please help me understand and provide an example using the directions below that were given to me: Choose four rational numbers. At least two of your numbers should be between -1 and 1, one o...

Write two algebraic pattern rules for this toothpick pattern. Figure 1 = 3toothpicks Fiqure 2 = 5 toothpicks Figure 3 = 7 toothpicks Figure 4 = 9 toothpicks i need help please. I did 1-3n for Figure 1

thank you so much! :)


oh oops sorry. 1)C'est vrai que LES GENS ont tres peur des araignees, surtout de la veuve noire. 2)D'ou vient ce animal que MOI ET MES AMIS avons vu au zoo 3)Il y a un oiseau dans la maison. QUELQU'UN a laisse la porte ouverte. 4)MOI ET MON GROUPE faisons un etude ...


I don't know but the instructions say Remplace les mots en italique par le pronoun on. Attention a la forme du verbe!

I need to replace the verbs with on. i need help please. ex: Les gens admirent es belles couleurs du Paradisier. ex: On admire les belles couleurs du paradisier. 1)C'est vrai que les gens ont tres peur des araignees, surtout de la veuve noire. 2)D'ou vient ce animal qu...

The consecutive numbers 2 and 3 are both prime. How do you know that there are no other consecutive prime numbers?

#11 is wrong

Jill is correct 4 will be linear.

math 4th grade
I have no clue what you are trying to ask.

Google it! You seriously couldn't search for it yourself but you could post it on here?

With your fingers. You should count every single piece and then total everything so you can determine the ratio of marbles to rice etc. Then you should graph that and figure out some probabilities to do. You then show your teacher this and hope he doesn't care that you did...

math help me plss
haha true, get a life losers


i have an acrostic poem i have to do for school on describing warm and cold fronts, but i can't think of some of the words

5th grade religion

For pH = 14.0 it'll be the same as your Ksp so 4e-16

Thank you. (I actually ended up figuring this out a few minutes after posting this. Go figure, right?)

If theta is a standard position angle and cot theta=1.85, in which quadrant(s) could theta lie?

if tan(θ)=√(33) / 4 (√ does not ride over 4) find sin(θ)<0 i would just like to know the steps of how to do it.

ok if the boy is 5ft tall and the flag pole is 15ft tall and 8ft long what proportion can be determaind to the lenght the boys shadow

american history
C. Stalin, is this from Penn Foster homeschool? If so then you can just Google the questions and go to wiki, read the passages, they will help you with the answers.

shut up

Lactic acid is a weak monoprotic acid. If a 0.10 M solution of it has a pH of 2.44, what is the dissociation constant (Ka) for lactic acid. I got 1.3x10^-4? Is that right?

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is prepared commercially from elemental sulfur using the contact process. In a typical sequence of reactions, the sulfur is first burned: S + O2 → SO2 , then it is converted to SO3 using a catalyst: 2 SO2 + O2 → 2 SO3 . The resulting SO3...

I feel like even on the first line I leave an unstressed syllable. I know it needs work but what do you think...??It's supposed to be all the same I believe.

I need help determining the meter in my poem. The Ocean says, "Roar" to wake me up, And I smile as I grab my coffee cup, Because this is the day the Lord has made! I refuse to quiver and be afraid. The sunburst peeks through my window wide, And stay that way till clo...

Well...the problem is that it varies. I posted the poem under English/Poetry. I'd be happy to write it out though. For my assignment, it's supposed to be all the same. Either trochaic or iambic.

Can you help me with checking meter in my poem?

Si es verdad.


What is simple interest? Like I=Prt

if x=f and f is 13 what is t

129*10=1,290 see this person is smart not an idiot

Write electron configurations for the following ions, and determine which have noble-gas configurations Tl+ As3- I -

i need help to one simular to this one. ok if the flag pole is 15 feet tall and 8 feet long and the boy is 5 feet tall. what proportion can be made to find the lenght of his shadow?

language arts
chapters 6-10 what is the summery of the witch of blackbird pond??? awnswers

Use the bar separating the numerator and denominator like a symbol to divide by. Divide and you should get your answer.

Work backwards from four and use the halves.

6th grade
3/10 is the probability. Multiples of 3 inbetween 1 and 10 are 3,6, and 9. Hope I helped.

3•(7+13)=(3•7)+(3•13) _____ property

2nd grade

divide by two.

3rd grade shurley english
Sentence fragment sentence compound subject sentence compound verb

it's not 2

Is diamond a pure substance, a homogeneous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture????

How much heat is needed to raise 300g of Ethanol from 0 C to 20 C?

2nd grade
They cannot have two teams unless you cut one child in half. Of course, you can't do that.

how do you find an area for a pentagonal prism


unscramble--- usrfcfy

what is the difference between video conferencing and video call?

do u know the deffinition? i probably spelled that wrong

thanks soooo much!!!! :D

what is a good website for finding research on the problems in the everglades?

cultural diversity
I thinkk you are wrong! my book gives valid answers and definitions.

A mole? I know that it is a math term. I would google it.

social studies
It was crowded and they often got stuck in the machines due to the cramped spaces. Some even developed diseases at their jobsites due to the fumes.

that helped me in more ways than one. THANKS.

AP Biology
Just wondering: why the Calvin Cycle can occur in the dark, but indirectly relies on sunlight? Thank you for your explanation.

ms.sue please answer the trigonomitry question

ms.sue please answer the trigonomitry question

A pole 7 meters long is placed against a wall at an angle of 45 degrees, what is the height of the wall

because cars became popular and a better source of transportation -PERSON

Science (chemistry)

Science (chemistry)
When you burn a mixture of iron and sulphur, iron sulpide is made. What is the gas given off? ^Please help me!!!

Science (big idea of energy)
to NHHS yes it probably is the same sheet. I've done it now so it doesn't matter... yeah it does mean CO2 but it was 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO

Science (big idea of energy)
The doesnt really help... If it does, how do I use it to explain what happens when magnesium burns?

Science (big idea of energy)
What is the big idea of energy????? It says : for level 6: "Explained the reaction using the big idea of energy" what does it mean by the big idea of energy????

Physics - Torque
I will answer this question. You get the mass times the variable d equaled to the mass of the beam times half the distance of the beam. You have to solve for D

Ethics help needed
It is the generation, people learn of racist from their forefathers. I believe that all of you do not understand the question and need to take a better look. Its not telling you to talk about race its asking what has influenced the current America from Slavery.... THATS ALL. S...

you rock ttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

word unscramble

in a graph, why might the data be represented in horizontal line segments? Lots of reasons. It depends upon what is plotted in the graph. You can get horizontal line segments in cases of (1) distance vs. time during a peiod when a vehicle is not moving (2) velocity vs. time du...

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