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A fox is chasing a bunny. The bunny is initially hopping east at 7 m/s when it first sees the fox. Over the next half second the bunny changes its velocity to west at 12 m/s and escapes. What was the bunny's average acceleration (magnitude and direction) during this half-s...

Some sticky substances are yucky things. All taffy is a sticky substance. Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing Is this a valid syllogism

A compound of molecular weight 70.1 has the following composition: Carbon 85.63% and hydrogen 14.37%. What is the empirical formula? What is the molecular formula?

3 N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)¨ 4 N2(g) + 4H2O(g) + 2 H2(g) ∆H= -1310 kJ (-312 kcal) How much energy is produced per mole of hydrazine burned? a. 13.6 kJ (3.25kcal) b. 40.9 kJ (9.75kcal) c. 437 kJ (104kcal) d. 1310 kJ (312 kcal)

Introduction to life Sciences
What are examples of exergonic and endergonic kinds of chemical reactions from everyday life?

Introduction to ljfe sciences BIO 130
Artificial sweeteners, colorants, oils, and medications are manufactured after they are accepted by the U.S. FDA. In order to have such acceptance for public use, companies have to complete exhaustive testing to demonstrate the safety of their products. Outline the testing pro...

1. A road sign says that no vehicles over 7.5 tonnes may use a bridge. My lorry weighs 4 tonnes, and I have 3.25 tonnes of presents and 4.75 of turkeys in the back of my lorry. How much am I over the bridge limit by? a)3.5 tonnes b)4.5 tonnes c)2.5 tonnes d) None - I should to...


what kind of tip would you give me to do for counting the notes on the staves?


Please, please help me! Make a graph in Excel and explain the following: Holding all other things constant, what would happen to the price of pineapples if the firm increase the available supply. 2. Conversely, what would happen if supply is reduce. Aside from changin the supp...

Do you have the monday "blues"?

coulours make up our world


3rd grade
72 cents

3rd grade
if sam has 5 dollars and buys something for for 4.28, what would the dollar amount be of the change?

sen the package to Tanya and him

Which one of following sentences uses pronouns correctly? A: Please give Paul and I your undivided attention. B: jacob and me are going to set a meeting date. C: Carol told Sylvia and he the good news. D: Send the package to Tanya and him.

health care
Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

health care
what populations or groups were most adversely affected by deinstitutionalization?

health care
Thank you Ms. sue!!

health care
can mental illness be as clearly defined as a physical illness such as diabetes

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