July 29, 2014

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a room is 2.46m high.A picture hook,is 0.69m below the ceiling of the room hw far is H abve yhe floor of the room?i get 1.77 by 2.46-0.69 (b0 the picrure hook is exactly half way between the ceiling and the top of a bookcase.How high is the bookcase?i dnt know how to do it..

am having prob..wv zs numb..given that f(x)=x+6/2x,find f(4) and f inverse(x) am not sure abt the answer the frst 1,i get 1.25 and the second oneeee i dnt knw hw to do it

English literarure(a streetcar named desire)
thnx a lot

English literarure(a streetcar named desire)
infact my problem is that i dnt know how to start answering this empathy question.Can you please help me??th question is thet; Imagine you are stanley.write your opinion about Blanche (scene 1).please help me.

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