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How many different integers, n, are there such that the difference between 2 x n squared and 7 is less than 1? The supposed answer is 6 but i have NO idea how thats possible??

how did you find OH? we aren't allowed to use a calculator and the answer book is saying the pH is 7, not 12

chem HARD
thank you!!!

chem HARD
can anyone explain to me why LiCO3 is NOT a lithium compound? and what exactly is needed for lithium compounds?? thanks!

thanks! where is the 136 coming from tho??

sodium chloride (relative molecular mass = 58.5) had a solubility of 36.0 g per 100g of water. the density of the solution is 1.13 g/ml. which of the following calculations would give te solubility in moles per liter? A) 36.0 x 10/58.5 b) 36.0 x 10 x 1.13/(58.5 x 136) c) 36.0 ...

Can you please tell me what TU means at the top of my sums eg., and do I put the sums answer in the circle between the sums and add the answer onto the next sums answer? TU TU 23 15 16+ 0 17+ ___ __ ___ __

Let d be the difference between terms. Let x be the first term. The second term will be x + d. The third term will be x + 2d. Fourth term will be x + 3d. But the fourth term is 20, so x + 3d = 20. Continue this until you get the eighth term. Write an equation about the eighth ...

Math Systems
problem 1 in the equation x - y = 1, solve for x in terms of y. replace x in either of the other two equations and you will be able to solve for x. Now, you can go back to any of the three equations and replace x with the value you found and solve for y. Check that your soluti...

Reduce 10/20 then cross multiply.

substitute -3 for every x in f(x) and simplify.

notice in 2, 9, 16, 23, .... each number is seven more than the previous one did you have a question about 6, 12, 9, 18, ... ?

Please Check that the given information is complete. There is not information right now to answer your question.

First make a table to show input and output. IN. OUT 0. 2 1. 4 2. 6 .. .. Notice that the difference between outputs is 2. But 2 times each input does NOT give the correct output. However, if you add 2 to the product of 2 and input, you get the correct output. Therefore, the r...

just wanted to say thankyou :)

1.explain how the code that is found in the organism`s genes works 2.describe how the genetic code controls the production of proteins 3.find diagrams to help explain thankyou!

what other features ncan a gas that is collourless at room temperature have??

year 7 music
explanation of musical chords and an example. thanks for help.

an someone please help me out on this... An ideal transformer has 50 turns in its primary and 250 turns in its secondary. 12 V ac is connected to the primary. Find: 1. The volts ac available at the secondary 2. Current in the 10  device connected to t he secondary 3. P...

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