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i want some help in writing an assignment about earthquake

english essay
actually Mr.bobpursely,i could not understand the topic and to Mr.Writeacher the spelling will be resource.I regret for the mistake noshin

english essay
please help me write a composition on"of all resourse ,human resourse is the best"

english essay

english essay
can anyone please provide me information or examples about the topic?

english essay
i don't understand why

english essay
i want to know how "corruption is a curse"

english composition
thanks whoever you are!

english composition
i want to know how corruption is a curse

Math - algebra
i think it would be q(sq)-6q+5=0 or,q(sq)-5q-q+5=o or,q(q-5)-1(q-5)=0 or,(q-5)(q-1)=0 either,q=5 or,q=1

9th grade
2x+5-7x=15 or,-5x=15-5 or,-5x=10 or,x=10/(-5) or,x=-2

i also think 486

help on a question
i think the answers are liquid to gas and 4k last one i cannot find

i think you can find it by 2(l+b)=2*pie*r

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