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A 50 kg individual needs to work at a MET level of 6 to reach her target heart rate. If the treadmill speed is set at 3.5 mph, what grade is needed? If she exercise for 30 minutes at this intensity, how many kcal will she expend.

A 154-pound woman walks at 3.0 mph 0% grade for 5 min, runs at 5.5 mph 5% grade for 32 min. What is her total caloric expenditure?

What is the MET level of a man running 7 mph, 5% grade?

Early childhood
I would say option A as babies begin to listen and connect to their parents at a very young age; children begin to listen and respond as to show gestures during their first year of development.

A wooden box weighing 281 N is pushed across the floor by a workman who exerts a horizontal force of 166 N. If the force of friction between the box and the floor is 21 N, what is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of the box?

A 0.110 kg baseball, traveling 32.0 m/s, strikes the catcher's mitt, which recoils 14.0 cm in bringing the ball to rest. What was the average force (in newtons) applied by the ball to the mitt?

What is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of a freely falling 74.0 kg sky-diver, if air resistance exerts a force of 264 N?

Force of gravity at the bottom=mg+mv^2/r, set that equal to 1.5(mg). All the m's divide out, leaving 1.5(g)=g+v^2/r. Plug in the numbers now.


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