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writers craft
this question is on writing a film review. i have to write a weakness in cinematography/story element from the movie finding forrester?

Physics please HELP
An insulating sphere of mass m and positive charge q is attached to a spring with length h and spring constant k_s and is at equilibrium. An infinitely long wire with positive linear charge density lamda is placed a distance l away from the charged mass at equilibrium as shown...

Physics Important please
An insulating sphere of mass m and positive charge q is attached to a spring with length h and spring constant k_s and is at equilibrium. An infinitely long wire with positive linear charge density lamda is placed a distance l away from the charged mass at equilibrium as shown...

the following is a redox reaction. show which element(s) are oxidized and reduced. include how many total electrons are gained or lost by each element. 3HNO---->HNO3+H2O+2NO

school Physics
A large charge distribution Q exists at the center of a cube. It is surrounded by six smaller charges, q , each facing a direction perpendicular to a face of the cube.What is the electric flux through one of the sides of the cube?

Physics pls anyone can help me? its urgent
question is asking electric field of three quarter, but that link is about one quarter and I did according to video, but I got wrong answer and I don't know the direction of components?

Physics pls anyone can help me? its urgent
A charged rod of length 21cm and total charge -7.5muC is bent into a three-quarter circle symetric about the x-axis as shown below What is the magnitude of the Electric Field at the center of the three-quarter circle in N/C ?:Which directions listed below make up the component...


A circular ring of radius 10 cm has a continuous charge distribution of 4C/m . How many total electrons are on the ring?

Rearrange into meaningful sentence: The river/see/could/from/and/the field/one ripe corn/the height/of

Rearrange into meaningful sentence: Sat/a/house/the/crest/hill/of low/on

Assume that you are financial advisor to a business. Describe the advice that you would give to the client for raising business capital using both debt and equity options in today’s economy

Everybody hw help who go facebook
I dont use facbook.but hw essay topic what should people do to get rid out of facebook? What should they do if they r addicted to it? Ples helppp

To ms sue
I dont have ideas cause i dont use facebøk. Thanks 4 u have any more ideas?

Help english
My essay topic what should people do if they r addicted to facebook? Help please

I have to write essay but need help.essay topic how to get rid of facebook?

Provide A Reason For Each Step Of Simplifying The Expression 3 3(4p-1)-7p

In how many years will rs ninehundred amount to rs one thousand one hundred and seventy at ten percent per annum please help me coz i must submit my homework after one days please help me and thankyou so much jiskha site love u

The ratio of zinc and copper in an alloy is seven ratio nine if weight of copper in the alloy is eleven point kg then find the weight of zinc in the alloy

What is the perimeter of a parallelogram With base nine cm side lengh twenty seven cm and height twenty cm please help me

What is the of a parallelogram with base nine cm side length twentyseven cm and height twenty cm

The area of a triangle is fifty cm square if altitude is of eight cm what is the lengh of its base

A right trianglar field has a hypotenuse is fifty m and one side is forty m find the area of the triangle

How to multiply both the sides with two and add them i mean it is not possible

Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are four cm and five cm find the perimeter of the parallelogram

A right triangular field has its hypotenuse is fifty cm and one side is forty cm find the aarea of it triangle

Discrete Mathematics
Let m,n,z belong to N such that m and n divide z and gcd(m,n) = 1. Prove that m.n divides z.

Discrete Mathematics
Find g := gcd(389,222) and a,b belongs to Z such that g = a.389 + b.222.

Discrete Mathematics
Find x in the following expressions: 1. (111)10 = (x)3; 2. (111)3 = (x)10; 3. (2012)10 = (x)7; 4. (2012)7 = (x)10;

e. II and IV Because the mass of O2 could be larger, and II and IV are right. So out of elimination, E is correct

14. Question says that there is a triangle with a base of x units and height h units and two sides of length 10 units. Answer the following questions: • Draw a representation of this situation (the triangle). • Find a formula for h in terms of x. h = square root {10^...

what goes into 14/56

a marathon race is 42.2km. what is the length of a marathon in meters? recall that 1000m= 1km.

You've received an invoice for $3,000 with terms of 3/10, 1/20, n/30. How much will you have to pay if you pay the bill in 12 days?

what type of fallacies is Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I wonder if any of the anti-abortion...

Give your own example of a function using a set of at least 4 ordered pairs. The DOMAIN will be any four integers between 0 and +10. The RANGE will be any four integers between -12 and 5. Your example should NOT be the same as those of other students or the textbook. There are...

4th grade science
i dont know

How do you find the total kinetic energy...What formula do I use. I am given moles, volume, and temp.

Which of the following samples will react completely with 20.0 mL of 0.200 M LiOH 10.0ML of 0.100 M HCL 10.0mL of 0.200 M H2SO4 10.0mL of 0.100 M HNO3 20.0mL of 0.200 M H3PO4 20.0mL of 0.100 M HBr How do I do this problem??

ok. Solutions: The H+ ions and OH- ions move under the influence of an electric field by very different processes than Na+ or Cl- ions. Consider your conductivity values for the 0.010 M solutions of NaCl ( 12.80), NaOH (1480), and HCl (1.083E). Suggest an order for the conduct...

1. suggest an order for the conductivity of H+, Cl- and OH-, explain your reasoning 2. (so I have a conductivity data)....Which of the solutions have ions due to the presence of solute? b. Are there covalent solutes that produced ions in solute?

can you unscramble the following words

History 2111
Explain the origin and significance of the First Americans. Explain five events that led to the settlement of America by Europeans?

College microeconomics
yes, both would be better off after specialization and trade. If they trade at a rate of 2.5 pounds of potatoes for 1 chicken, each would be better off. Michele could give up 50 pounds of potatoes to gain 20 chickens. Michele would consume 150 pounds of potatoes and 20 chicken...

im having a problem with polar and nonpolar how can you tell the difference?

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