February 22, 2017

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which scale of temperature does not have negative values?
August 29, 2012

I don't get this fill in the blanks in french. Nancy _______ au centre commercial avec ses amis. (aller)
October 30, 2011

The temperature of 7.10 mol of an ideal monatomic gas is raised 15.0 K in an adiabatic process. what is the change ÄK in the average kinetic energy per atom?
April 10, 2009

physics- vry urgent
hey drwl thank u so much. but i didn't get right answer for work done. do i hav to convert pressure to pascal for work done? cn u help me?
April 9, 2009

physics- vry urgent
An ideal monatomic gas initially has a temperature of 333 K and a pressure of 7.15 atm. It is to expand from volume 581 cm3 to volume 1360 cm3. If the expansion is isothermal, what are (a) the final pressure (in atm) and (b) the work done by the gas? If, instead, the expansion...
April 9, 2009

thermal physics
can u tell me how to calculate kinetic energy? formula is 3RT/2(avogadro no.)=3kT/2. BUT to calculate per atom instead of avogadro no I should place 1?
April 9, 2009

In the Figure the pulley has negligible mass, and both it and the inclined plane are frictionless. Block A has a mass of 1.3 kg, block B has a mass of 2.7 kg, and angle è is 26 °. If the blocks are released from rest with the connecting cord taut, what is their ...
March 22, 2009

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