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3 Years.
February 5, 2007

What do race and ethnicity mean to you? Since this is your question, I suggest you answer it. Your teacher wants to know what YOU think -- not what some anonymous person online thinks about it. It might help to think of your friends and what would happen to your feelings ...
October 17, 2006

Why are the concepts of race and ethnicity important to United States Society? The concepts of race and ethnicity are important to U.S. society for two main reasons. First, the U.S. enslaved African-Americans for over 200 years. Their descendants still suffer the effects of ...
October 17, 2006

Low recovery
Thank you so much. I'm struggling for this question from last night.
September 26, 2006

what kind of bone comprises the proximal epiphysis of the femur? spongy bone
September 21, 2006

Math: Direct Variation
how do you solve a direct variation problem?
September 21, 2006

Suppose f(x)=Ax+B for real constants A and B. If f(60)=70 and f(72)=79, find k such that f(k)=k. PLEASE HELP :] Ok we have f(x)=Ax+B which is a line. We also know (1) f(60)=70 which means A*60+B=70 (2) f(72)=79 " " A*72+B=79 Which means A*12=9 if we subtract (1) from...
September 5, 2006

A ghastly mistake (A) surprising (B)horrible (C)pale (D)original "horrible" can be considered a synonym for "ghastly". The other words cannot. To find synonyms, it's quite fast to use any of the following: http://www.thesaurus....
September 4, 2006

Find the base three representation of 237. PLEASE HELP. I HAVE NO IDEA 3^4=81 so there must be 3 of those (3*81=162 237-162=75 3^3=27 so there must be two of those 2*27=54 75-54=21 3^2=9, so there are two of them 21-18=3, so one three 3^0=1, so none of those. 22210 base 3 2*3^...
August 23, 2006

question 7 a
August 15, 2006

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