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which of the following does not reduce water pollution?

Math (Probability)
Mrs. Ana is holding a logic contest. The 13 students who are participating randomly draw cards that are numbered with consecutive integers from 1 to 13. >The student who draws number 1 will be the host. >The students who draw the other odd numbers will be on the red team...

Algebra (Integer Problem)
The sum of three positive numbers is 33. The second number is 3 greater than the first and the third is 4 times the first. Find the three numbers.

Algebra (Age Problem)
A man is 6 times as old as his son. In 4 years he will be 4 times as old as his son. How old is the father now?

Math (Variation)
The distance that Carl has driven is varying directly with the time he has been on the road. After two hours, he has driven a total of 124 km. How far will he have driven after 5 hours?

Algebra (Age Problem)
Five years ago Rico's age was half of the age he will be in eight years. How old is he now?

I need help

mit math
Odometer. A Ford SUV comes standard with rims (which correspondes to a tire with diameter). Suppose you decide to later upgrade these tires for rims (corresponding to a tire with diameter). If you do not get your onboard computer reset for the new tires, the odometer will not ...

12th grade
yeah thats the problem i need help on too.

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