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chem 121
H3PO4 is it phospheric acid or trihydrogenphosphate?
December 2, 2010

chemistry 121
3fe+H2O----Fe3O+4H2 how many grams of steam and iron mist reat to produce 375g of magnetic iron oxide
November 30, 2010

chem 121
arrange in order of increasing vapor pressure lowest to highest Nacl, ch4 ch3ch2oh c
July 9, 2010

a 6.13gsample of hydrocarbon occupied 5.ooL container at25 degree centigrade and 1.00 atm calculate the molar mass
July 8, 2010

chem 121
what volumes of the folowing concentrated solutions are required to prepare solutions of the final concentrations indicated (a) 12MH2SO4 to prepare 2.0 L 0f 1.5 MH2SO4 (B)2.0 MKCIto prepare 200ML 0f 0.5MKCI
July 2, 2010

chem 121
what is the volume of a 0.750Mmgcl2 solution containing 45.0g of mgcl2
July 2, 2010

chem 121
how many grams of mgcl2 are contained in 255 ml of a 0.650M solutuin
July 1, 2010

how many moles AL(OH)3 are required to completelyreactwith 2.75 molesof H2SO4?
June 28, 2010

chemistry 121
how can i write the electron configuration for copper (ii)
June 17, 2010

how can i figure out how to calculate molecules to grams ?
June 10, 2010

chem 121
if an electrically atom can be shown to posses 16 electronswhat is its atomic number and what is the element
June 8, 2010

world class times in the 100 meters foot race areabout 9.10 seconds. how far is that in miles per hour
June 1, 2010

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