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How many possible 9-digit zip codes are possible if the first digit cannot be zero?

The formula t(n+1)over 2 will determine a triangular number, where n is a natural number. For what value of n will the triangular number 325 be found?

If f(x)=g(g(x))-g(x) and g(x)=2x-1, find f(3).

algebra 2
An arithmetic progression has 5 terms that have a sum of 200. The sum of the last three terms added to 6 times the sum of the first two terms equals zero. What is the first term?

algebra 2
A regular polygon has interior angles of 120 degrees. How many siddes does the polygon have?

algebra 2
a trapezoid has one equal base to its height, x, and the other base is twice as long.write the expression for the area of the trapezoid as a common fraction in terms of x.

algebra 2
how many 7-digit phone numbers are possible if the first digit must be non-zero? answer in scientific notation.

algebra 2
three numbers in the ratio of 7:3:2 have a sum of 228. what is the difference between the smallest and the largest numbers?

10th grade,english
if your reading a book and the narrator doesnt have a name what would that mean...y wouldnt they have a name?

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