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Bella keeps a supply of red, blue, and black pens in a drawer. The drawer has 17 red pens, 18 blue pens, and 11 black pens. If Bella wants a red pen, what is the minimum number of pens she has to pull out from the drawer to make sure she gets a red pen?

Maths Calculus
We want to build a rectangular cardboard box with no top and of given volume V using the least quantity of cardboard. Find the length of the box's edges by fnding the minimum of the total surface function. Verify that the point you found is indeed a minimum applying the se...

The differnece in the mass of 100 moles of each sodium atoms and sodium ions is 5.48002 g. Compute the mass of an electron.

how much work is done in bringing three electrons , which are intially a great disance apart to how fats will it be moving then it is at distance ?

an electorn is 20 ccom away from a fixed point charge , q =-0.250uc . if it starst to move from rest , then how fast will it be moving when it is a t distance ?

7809.5 cm3

The density of ice is 0.92 g cm-3 & that of sea water is 1.025 g cm-3.Find total volume of an iceberg which floats with its volume 800 cm3 above water. ANSWER:7809.5 cm3

The density of ice is 0.92g cm-3 & that of sea water is 1.025g cm-3.Find the total volume of an iceberg which floats with its volume 800cm3 above water? ANSWER:7809.5cm3

A wooden cube of side10cm has 700g.What part of it remains above the water surface while floating om water?

AB=5cm , Angel B= 60 degree , Altitude cd= 4cm (Circle)

What is the use of arithmetic progression in a circular race track? Please answer soon !

There r 12 months in 1 year .Therefore using unitary method 12*7 = 84 months in 7 years Also 1/2 year means 6 months .Thus total of 84+6 = 90 months in 7& 1/2 years

(x/25)+6 =18 x =12*25

when any block slides down a smooth incline which is unfixed then the incline moves back.WHY??

least number between the given range =36; to find the maximum no. divide 395 by 6 ;we get remainder to be 5 ;Therefore 395-5 will purely divided by 6 and also be the maximum no. in the given range Also total nos.:390=36+(n-1)6 calculate for n ; then apply 36+42+......+390=n/2(...

slope of the line will be same to that of the given line i.e. 3 Now let the eq. be y -3x = m (where m is any parameter) this line passes through (5,1) therfore satisfying it we get m = -14 thus, eq. of required line is y =3x -14

The sum of the co-efficients in the expansion of (1 - 2x +5x^2)^n is a and the sum of the co-efficients in the expansion of (1 +x)^2n is b.Then (A) a=b (B) (x-a)^2 + (x-b)^2 =0 (C) (sin a)^2 + (cos b)^2 =1 (D) ab=1 Ans. A,B,C But How???

I want to have a deep insigth to my problem i.e. I know that bonds between atoms(of different or same elements)to be formed are based on no. of electrons less in octet or duplet(say O2, each O atom has two electrons less in octet thus forms two bonds).But why bonds between e^-...

Q.1 Calculate the extent of hydrolysis of 0.005M K2CrO4.If K2=5*10^-7 for H2CrO4.(It is essentially strong for first ionisation).

democratic politics 10th grade cbse
1.produce decisions taking a lot of time 2. not free from corruption 3. money and muscle power have an influence on politics. 4. criminal connections also a demerit of democracy

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