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@n/a Lol, how ironic right? xD

OPPS ha, I got it, nvm

How many milliliters of a solution of 0.0013 M EDTA4- would be used to titrate the lead in 1000. mL of a 0.0073 M solution of Pb(NO3)2? I'm sry, but I keep getting 5200ml and I know that's just wrong! >< can someone please help me?

Use the thermochemical equations: 1/2 H2(g)+1/2 I2(g) ...............> HI(g) delta H = -1.1 k cal 1/2 H2(g).......> H2 (g) delta H = -104.2 k cal 1/2 I2 (g)..............> I (g) delta H = +18.1 k cal To present for the formation of hydrogen iodide gas from gaseous ato...

business law
what relationship do they have? a deed "to A & B, as the Joint tenants with the right of survivorship, and to C & D, as the joint tenants wity the right of survivorship" is the relationship between "A &B" and "C &D" also joint tenancy?? or tenanyc...

I just don't understand what they mean by components. Is there another word to help me understand what components mean?

Compose a list in which you identify the major components of health communication. Who is involved in each component?

What exactly are they talking about when they say components? Are they talking about: Ethical Considerations Medical Cost-Cutting Prevention Patient Empowerment Global Health Needs Changing Population Technology Implications

Environmental science 275
I read the chapter but I am not sure on how to compare it to worldview.

HCA 210
I am having trouble with finding two approaches or indicators to measuring patient outcomes. I thought one might be the variation, but I am unsure. Can you help?

All acceptable and all have the same meaning.

#'s 1 and 4 are incorrect. #'s 2 and 3 are correct.

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