November 30, 2015

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At t = 0 s time a stone is thrown from the top of a cliff above a lake. Another stone is thrown down from the same point , 1.6 s later , with a initial velocity of 32.0 m / s. The two stones hit the water in one instant. Determine the cliff height.
November 25, 2015

advanced physics
A toy roller coaster contains a loop of radiusR. A toy train, which consistsof a lot of small waggons is moving towards the loop with constant velocity. The lengthof the train isL >2Rπ, and the radius of the loop is much larger than the height of thewaggons. The ...
May 22, 2015

Thanks for correcting me, I got the values wrong xD
June 21, 2014

Thank you!
June 21, 2014

What happen to the m? It cancelled out?
June 21, 2014

A dart gun where you compress the spring and it shoots a rubber dart of a mass 0.122 kg. The dart is shot vertically and gains 2.50 m. a) what speed did the dart leave the toy gun? b) If the spring is compressed 0.125 m what is the elasticity coefficient of the spring?
June 21, 2014

a simple discount note for $6,600 at a ordinary bank discount rate of 8.61% for 60 days. What is the effective interest rate? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent
March 18, 2014

Pablo, what is YOUR answer to the question. We provide guidance and HELP with homework not answers. If you tell us what YOU selected as an answer then we can tell you if you're right or what else you need to consider in order to select the correct one.
December 11, 2013

You are asked to look for the main paradox in a story. A paradox is a thing, situation, person or even a them that is made up of two or more opposites or contradictory aspects. As you re-read the story, make a list of contradictory images or statements you find in the "...
December 11, 2013

American History
I agree with Writeacher. What you posted were 2 sentence fragments and we have no idea what you mean by them.
December 11, 2013

I respectfully disagree with the previous comment. I don't think you're looking to make both sentences mean the same but rather analyze the differences. Although I don't know what your teacher was aiming for in giving you this question, I can tell you from my ...
December 11, 2013

I think in this sentence your teacher is trying to get you to identify the roles of different segments of a sentence such as Subject/Verb/Object. So now its time for you to ask yourself: who is the subject in the sentence, what is the action that is being demosntrated by the ...
December 11, 2013

Sorry, as a teacher I'm opposed to giving you answers to homework questions because that's called helping you cheat. I will however help you figure out the answer. Question 1 is a logic question. don't read to much into it. if you still have problems figuring out ...
December 11, 2013

. In his management information systems textbook, Professor David Kroenke raises an interesting point: “If 98% of our market has Internet access, do we have a responsibility to provide non-Internet materials to that other 2%? Suppose that 98% of the customers in your ...
April 4, 2013

english langage arts
3. How does the setting of the story change as the story develops? (1 point)It starts as a source of conflict but is accepted in the end. It starts as important to the characters but is not in the end. It starts empty but becomes a happy place in the end. It starts full of ...
December 30, 2012

List and discuss the three stages of crisis. In your opinion which stages is the most critical for victim
May 1, 2010

A solid shaft of 65mm outside diameter and a hollow shaft of 85mm outside diameter are connected by 6 bolts with the mean pitch of thread being 155mm. The shear stress due to the torque on the shafts is equal to the shear stress on the bolts. a) Find the diameter of the bolts...
April 2, 2009

Lubricating oil, with a relative density of 0.79, flows around a 90¨¬ bend. The pipe diameter is 0.45m, and the oil has a pressure head of 7m and the flow is 1.7m3/s. Find the force exerted by the oil on the bend. Oil density = 0.79 X 103 Volumetric mass flow rate = 1....
April 2, 2009

A block of wood (who is suspended by a rope) with a mass of 2Kg moves 10cm from its original position after being struck by a 12g bullet, what's the velocity of the bullet?
April 2, 2009

April 6, 2008

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