February 9, 2016

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Read the following passage and identify at least 3 elements of figurative language; explain how each element brings out the theme of the passage. "The Wrong Place" by Susan Michalski Lana woke up, curled in a corner of the seat at the back of the train. She lifted ...
May 14, 2014

a or b
November 13, 2013

Solve equations below: 45-z+89=
December 5, 2012

word problem
375 or 300
October 22, 2012

Can you please check my answers? Any questions involing italicized words just skip. 1. Choose the sentence in which the verb has a direct object. A. They won the game. B. She is insecure. C. I walked away. D. George was furious. 2. Which one of the following is a correct ...
October 17, 2012

2CO2(G)--->2CO(g)+O2(g), deltaH=566kj what is Kc and state whether the reaction favors products or reactants? A.)[CO2]=1.5M, [CO]=1.2M, [O2]=0.05M B.)[CO2]=8.3M, [CO]=0.05M, [O2]=0.50M C.)[CO2]=0.05M, [CO]=0.75M, [O2]=0.07M any work would be much appreciated!!!thank you
March 2, 2012

2Al(S)+3H2O(g)---->Al2O3(s)+6H2(g) A.) what is the correct equilibrium expression?
February 29, 2012

2H2(g)+S2----------->2H2S A.)how would the equilibrium be affected given the following: - increase in temperature= - increase in hydrogen concetration= - increase in reaction container volume= B.) what is equilibrium expression?? please help anywork would be appreciated!!
February 29, 2012

alex's family ate 1 7/8 pizzas for dinner .which shows this mixed number written as fractions greater than 1 possible answers: 9/8 15/8 16/8 17/8
January 25, 2012

2Na3PO4(aq)+3 Ba(NO3)2(aq)---->Ba3(PO4)2(s)+6NaNO3(aq) a solution containing 3.50g of Na3PO4 is mixed with a solution containing 6.40g of Ba(NO3)2 how many grams of product can be formed? and if the above reaction resulted in 3.659 g of white powder, what is the percent ...
November 17, 2011

5th grade math
if a rectangular prism has a vloume of 36 cubic centimeters list 4 possible dimensions it could have
June 8, 2010

Aren't they the SAME??? DUH... :p
February 19, 2010

9th Algebra
Put these numbers in order from least to greatest. - 1 2 - 3 10 2 24 30 Submit
August 25, 2009

An American is someone who lives in America and has freedom pf speech,choice of religion,and freedom to work and live where they want.
September 10, 2006

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