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Calculate the volume of oxygen at 27C and 740 mmHg which could be obtained by hesting 10g of potassium trioxochlorate (v)

Thank you, so when I did that I got -137kJ. so is their answer wrong or mine. They had 400kJ.

Hi, I am doing a practice test for my chemistry final and I do not understand one of the answer they gave for this thermochemical equation question. I do not understand how they got 400kJ. The question is: Butane has a deltaH of -2871 kJ/mol when it undergoes complete combusti...

What is a bias paragraph?

what is 18 percent of 240

the outer distance of a bicycle wheel is 95cm how many complete turns does the wheel make when the bicycle travels a distance of 350m?

What can be a good picture of a modern situation of the ninth station of the cross when jesus falls the third time?

Chem 110
Calculate amount of milliliters of 2.0 M HCl needed to neutralize 0.15 mol of NaOH

Using the gas equation, V1=499ml; T1=25C+273K=298 P1=740mmHg At s.t.p P2=760mmHg; T2=273K; V2=? V2= 499*740*273 /760*298 =445.1 ans

4th grade math

Business Math
Cost + Mark-up = Price cost=$240, mark-up=.7S, price=S $240+.7S=S $240=.3S S=$800

Business Math
It says the mark up is based on price not cost so i believe that Reiny's answer is wrong because her answer is based on cost not price.

Can someone please help me with the following?: Factor each expression completely: x²-x-72 3x²-3x-168 Here is the way I have found to do these. First, make a couple of sets of parentheses. ( )( ) We put in the first letter. From X2 we can get ONLY X and X so put thos...

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