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How do i find the points of inflection for: f(x)= (1/12)x^4 -2x^2 +15 The answers are (2, 25/3) and (-2, 25/3) but i dont know how to get the answers. Can someone show me step by step?

find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x = 1/2 For the vertical ...

3rd grade
When you write 2,500 in expanded form, how many addends do you have? 2,000+ 500+0+0 ??

What is the area of the largest rectangle that can be placed in a 5-12-13 right triangle (as shown)?

Find the measures of two supplementary angles m and n m=6x+3 n=2x-7

Ahh wait I got it. I was thinking something weird. I jus thave to plug it in

solve the equation for x using the quadratic formula: 3x^2 + 8x + 1 = 0 Work: I tried factoring it, but I can't do it. (3x + ?)(x + ?) I'm thinking the ? = 1 but that won't work.

Compound Interest
A bank offers a rate of 5.3% compounded semi-annually on its four year GICs(Guaranteed Investment Certificates). What monthly and annually compounded rates should it quote in order to have the same effective interest rate at all three nominal rates?

Compound Interest : Future Value and Present Value
Payments of $1800 and $2400 weere made on a $10,000 variable-rate loan 18 and 30 months after the date of the loan. The interest rate was 11.5% compounded semi-annually for the first two years and 10.74% compounded monthly thereafter. What amount was owed on the loan after thr...

now i'm trying to find a percent

I'm trying to create a graph in excel and how come when i put this into my graph (21.8(151.1)^-1)100 I get undefined and all my calculators on my computer also give me undefined however my ti 83 gives me an answer around 19

The instructions to my book work says for the data in each table, tell whether y varies directly with x. If it does write an equation fo rthe direct variations. Well how do you do that exactly. Thanks you for your help.. Please help me.

I need help with these three problems. I cant figure them out. 3. The difference of two numbers is tripled. The result is decreased by 1. If the lesser of the two numbers is 4 the result is 8.3. Find the greater number. 4. A number increased by 21 is ewuivalent to half the num...

a student has an avg of 57%. he has 2 test left which was are both worth 5% and 1 assigment worth 1 %. he also has 1 one big asigment worth 5%. how much would he need minimun in all these to get a 80% avg by the end of it?

a low ha

Algebra 1
Idk hold on

Solve: 8p-4 = 4(2p-1) Isn't it equals to 0?

Algebra 2
i'm not sure how to evaluate this (6)/(X^-4) + (5)/(X^-2)

can someone give me proof that a negative number times a negative number is a positive number I've always been told this in like seventh grade that it is but havne't been given any proof

or pre-algebra
(a)on july 15,2007 , the national debt of the united states of americawas a little more than 8.8 trillion dollars. at that time, the population of the united states was a little more than 300 million. approximately how much money would each of the 300 million people living in ...

100x2 + 90x - 90x - 81 = Answer:100x2 - 81

Algebra 1
-13=2b-b-10 1st step. (2b-b) = -13=b-10 2nd step- Make sure the variable (b) is on one side. We must add 10 to each side to make sure that variable (b) stands alone. -13 = b - 10 +10 = b + 10 ----------- -3 = b

I have a factoring question; what is 8a^2-8a-30? I've been working on this for a while and I think I understand factoring, but I'm not getting the right answer, which is supposed to be 2(2a-5)(2a+3). Any help would be so appreciated! :)

A sugar molecule has twice as many atoms of hydrogen as it does oxygen and one more atom of carbon that oxygen. If a sugar molecule has a total of 45 atoms, how many are oxygen and how many are hydrogen?

thank-you. i see how to do it now

Convert: 2.7x10^-3 kg/cm^3 to kg/m^3 0.81 g/cm^3 to kg/m^3

help me solve these problems please 1 1/2 - 3 2/5 + 8/15 - 2 2/3 (-4 7/12) - (-3 2/3)- 1 /24 + 2 5/8 -3 1/2 - (- 1 5/6) + (-1 1/12)+ 2 3/4 8-5*2+6/(-2) this i think i can get the right answer 8-10+(-3) -2+(-3)=-5 is that the rite answer 2 7/9/ (-1 4/81)- 11/17 -1.5 / (-3) + (-...

create a 3 d shape that has two pickels

What does the shape of a treasury bond yield curve tell you about expected future inflation?

suppose you have a pipe with circumference of 8 cm and length equal 3 cm and that 10 turn of a wire are wrapped about the pipe. what is the length of the wire

The capacity of an elevator is either 15 children or 11 adults. If 8 children are currently in the elevator, how many adults can still get in?

equation of the normal to the graph of f(x)= x/2x-3

Math+ confused?!
I had to solve for this: 1) choose 4 people from a class of 12 My answer: n=12 r=4 12C4 = 495 2) chosse 8 people from a class of 12 my answer: n=12 r=8 12C8 = 495 why is it that they both eqaul 495? maybe I am doing it wrong but I am confused why do they both equal 495? They a...

How do you find critical points in a function? For example, find the critical points in f(x)=12+2x^2-x^4 please help me somebody find the derivative and set it equal to zero

I can't figure this out. Please help! Estimate 16 20/21 * 28 3/7 - 4 13/25 + 8 2/47 as a whole number or as a mixed number where the fractional part is 1/2 Someone please help! 17 * 28 - 5 + 8 would give you an estimate. However, since you don't have parentheses (), I ...

2/7 divided by 6 I know to invert the fraction, then what? Please help! 2/7 divided by 6/1 = 2/7 multiplied by 1/6 Multiply and then reduce. =)

How do I change a fraction to a percent? Like 9/15 to a percent for instance. put 9/15 in your calculator and hit equals

okay so the question is: A unit circle center at the origin undergoes a series of transformations. The equation of the resulting graph is (x-3)^2+ (y+4)^2= 25 describe the transformation the unit circle underwnt Answer: The original circle was centered at the origin and had ra...

the price of is 150/m3. the price is raisd by 10% each year. wat will the price of oil be at the end of two years? what is 1.1^2 * 150? if i understand the question the answer would be 181.5 The question isn't exactly clear how the 10% is done. If it is raised by 10% of th...

literature - Don Quixote or Middlemarch
which one is better? In my opinion, for a high school student, Don Quixote reads better.

(4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 (4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 4 - y^2 = (y*(y-2))/2 4 - y^2 = (y^2-2y)/2 8 - 2y^2 = y^2 - 2y 3y^2 - 2y - 8 = 0 (keep the above equation in mind) quadratic formula: (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/2a now solve by plugging in the appropriate numbers and choose (normally) the ...

by how many order of magnitute is the speed of light greater than the average speed of grey sound? Rose Diamond when he set the hight gate track 710 m record of for this 47.43 sec in April 2003 710m/47.43s = close to 15 m/s. The speed of light is 3 x 10^8 m/s or 30 x 10^7 m/s....

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