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What is the momentum of a 52-kg carton that slides at 5.0m/s across an icy surface?

A number is divided by 2. If 16 is added to the quotient you get 20

A sniper is in training. He discovers the target is at 1000 meters right north to where he ambushes. According to his measurement, it's a moving at a uniform speed of 20 meter/second towards east. What is the position of the target after 2 seconds?

Angles BAC and Angle CAD are supplementary angles. Find the measures of each angle if the measure of Angle BAC is 10x + 16 and the measure of Angle CAD is 7x + 8. Round angle measures to the nearest tenth

vector a+ vector b= 2i Vector a+ vector b=4j Then the angle between vector a and vector b is ? Plz.solve

a force f= 3i+cj+2k acting on a particle causes displacement , d=-4i+2j+3k. If the work done is 6 joule then the value of c. Plz. Solve

given vectors , Vector a= 2i + 3j, then the angle between vector a and y axis is? Plz solve

two forces are in the ratio 1:2 named p and q.if their resultant is at an angle tan inverse root 3 /2 to vector p then the angle between p and q is ? Plz solve.

the sum of three forces f1=100n, f2=80n, f3=60n acting on a particle is zero. The angle between f1 and f2 is: Please solve

when two forces of magnitude p and q are perpendicular to each other their resultant is of magnitude 'r'. When they are at an angle of 180 degree to each other their resultant is 'r root 2'find the ratio of p and q.

maths (trigonometry)
how can we calculate the value of Cos 10+sin 10/cos 10- sin 10

maths (trigonometry)
how can we calculate the value of Sec50 degree+tan 50 degree

maths (trigonometry)
how can we calculwte the value of Cot 70 degree+4 cos 70 degree

maths (trigonometry)
calculate the following: 1)sin 50 degree-sin 70 degree+sin 10deg. 2)cos square 48 deg.- sin square 12 deg. 3)tan 20 deg.+tan 40 deg.+root 3 tan 20 tan 40 Plz. Solve these

maths (trigonometry)
what is the identity of A raise to 4+b raise to 4

maths (trigonometry)
1+sin a- cos a/1+sin a +cos a eual to ?. How?

maths (trigonometry)
if sec x +tan x=p, then tan xeuqalto what. How?

maths (trigonometry)
if cosx-sinx=root 2 sinx, then what is the value of cosx+sinx. How

maths (trigonometry)
please solve these if possible Q1. If sinx +siny=3(cosy-cosx) then the value of sin3x/sin3y. Q2. If sina ,cosa,and tan a are in g.p.then cos cubea+cos square a is equal to

physical science
in a transverse wave, the what is the lowest point?

american government before 1877
it took away congress's power of declaring war.

2. The annual rainfall in California’s north valley averages twenty-three inches. So the rainfall next year will be twenty-three inches. B - Probably true. 3. You expect to get forty miles to the gallon in that? Why, that old wreck has a monster V8; besides, it’s fif...

english: critical thinking
Those answers are right. I also got 100% :-)

The energy level of the valence electrons of every element is the same as its period in the periodic table. So in this case Lead = 6 (E.)

m^8n^6 _______ m^4n^2 i got m^2n^3. is this right? Is this a division problem? If so, you subtract exponents. a^4/a= a^3

9c^5d^8 * 4c^5d^8 __________________ 2c^5d^5 the answer i got is 18d^21c^15 is this anywhere close to being right? :) pls show how you get the answer if its different! :) thx Is this problem division, or multiplication? Either way, it is wrong.

What is the mass of 10cc of aluminum? Mass= volume*density. You need to look up the density of aluminum.

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