May 23, 2015

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Suppose the concentration of sodium in Phoenix tap water is 70 ppm (mass based), then what is the concentration of sodium in milligrams per liter? The density of water is 1 g/mL. The answer units are mg/L.
October 4, 2010

c. calligraphy
May 5, 2010

art 101
a. if it is a painting d. if it is a sculpture
April 12, 2010

suppose that sunlight falls on both a pair of reading glasses and a pair of dark glasses. Which pair of glasses would you expect to become warmer? defend your answer.
October 19, 2008

Find the area of the largest rectangle that has its lower base on the x-axis and its upper vertices on the parabola whose equation is given by Y=12-x^2. i graphed the equation but its gives me a parabola, so i dont know what to do after that
May 10, 2007

A format for textbook page layouts is to be chosen so that each printed page has a 4-cm margin at the top and at the bottom and a 2-cm margin on the left and right sides. The rectangular region of printed matter is to have an area of 800 sq. cm. Find the dimensions for the ...
May 10, 2007

A box with a rectangular base and rectangular sides is to be open at the top. It is to be constructed so that its width is 8 meters and its volume is 72 cubic meters. If building this box costs $20 per square meter for the base and $10 per square meter for the sides, what is ...
May 9, 2007

maxima/minima problems
A regular box is open at the top and has a square base. To construct the box costs $4 a square foot for the base and $3 a square foot for its sides. Find the cost of the least expensive box and the dimensions of this least expensive box. There is not enough data given to set ...
May 9, 2007

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