September 23, 2014

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Find all positive integers a<b<c (a is less than or equal to b, b is less than or equal to c) such that: arctan (1/a) + arctan (1/b) + arctan (1/c) = (pi/4)
October 6, 2007

Has anyone read the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and/or The Time machine ?? if so,please let me know..as i have some questions thank you
September 16, 2007

lattice math
Why should we estimate before solving a problem? We should estimate before solving a problem to make sure our answer is close to the real answer. Here's a simple problem. Suppose we want to find wnat a 6% tax on a $10 purchase would be. When you do the math, the answer ...
October 3, 2006

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