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46. Choosing the Resolution for Your Photos Resolution Purpose L (Large) Print larger than A4 size prints 2592 x 1944 pixels (8 .3 x 11 .7 in.) Print larger than letter size prints (8 .5 x 11 in.) M1 (Medium 1) Print up to A4 size prints 2048 x 1536 pixels Print up to Letter s...

43. Student Council Election Day: Monday To: Nominees From: Your Principal Concerning: Rules of Election 1. Everyone running for office must prepare a 3-minute speech that will be recorded for presentation to the entire school. You need to "Dress for Success" as you ...

14. The top of a dresser is 33/ 4 feet from an 8-foot ceiling. Which of the following is the height of the dresser in feet? A. 41/4 B. 43/4 C. 5,/4 D. 53/4 15. A company that made $2.4 million in profits the previous year is on pace to make $3 million in the current year. If t...

A rectangle has a perimeter of 24 units. If the width is 4 units, which of the following is the length? A. 6 units B. 8 units C. 10 units D. 16 units

Inches 9 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - ,--- 4 - t-- ,--- 3 - t-- ,--- ~ t-- 2 1 - - J F M A M J J A s 0 N D Months The graph above represents the amount of rainfall in a particular state by month. Which of the following is the total rainfall for the first 3 months of the year? A. 11/2 inche...

20. A tire company manufactures 50 tires an hour with its current staff. The company can make 10 extra tires per hour for every extra worker it hires. Which of the following equations represents this relationship mathematically, with x being the number of extra workers hired a...

10. A house painter can finish a house in 6 hours. His partner can finish the same house in 12 hours. Which of the following is the number of hours it would have taken them to finish painting the house if they had worked together? A. 3 hours B. 4 hours C. 6 hours D. 9 hours

3. One hundred twenty-five tickets have been sold for an event at a local theater. If this represents 25% of the capacity for the theater, which of the following is the capacity? A. 156 B. 375 C. 410 D. 500

How do I translate fifteen divided by the sum of a number and 2 is equal to 1/5 of that number

As a cultural anthropologist what might you propose to research and would it be an Ethnology or Ethnography? What methods would you use to gather your data? What potential issues may you face while conducting your fieldwork and how would you deal with them?

yeah your off...180 mmHg is not the gas pressure. Instead, 180 mmHg is the difference between the gas pressure and the atmospheric pressure. i have the same problem...and i cant figure it out! your on the right track though!

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