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Math 9
Use proportions. The height of the building can be x. 6/5=x/28 Cross multiply. 6*28=5x 168=5x Divide each side by 5 so you isolate x. 168/5=x 168/5 = Simplify this to get your answer.

Subtract 1/2x from each side. You are left with 3 < 3 1/2x - 7 Add 7 to each side. You get 10 < 3 1/2x Divide each side by 3 1/2 to isolate x. Your answer is 10/3 1/2 < x Simplify 10/3 1/2.

Use a model. 2*100+18*10+4*1 Your answer is _______.

40% as a fraction is 40/100. Simplify it to 4/10. You can simplify that to 2/5. 1 stands for all her friends. If 2/5 play, then you can subtract 2/5 from 1 to find out what fraction of her friends don't play kickball. 1-2/5= ______ That is your answer.

x= sqrt( 3/2x + 5/2 ) sqrt = square root How do you solve this ? Thank you.

do u know how to do cross-products? it is very easy. in this question, u simply have to find out what A equals, rite? this is how to do cross products 4:3 is really also a fraction make 4:3 a fraction:4/3 then write wat u kno, 4/3= x/13.5 ( the "x" is a variable) now...

respeta means respects admirar OR apreciar "admirar means admire "apreciar means appreciate if u need help, search for google translate on google

thank u, i understand it now

never mind, thx for the help

wait, this means that in the beginning he got more out of his account, which made it -15 in his account

Bill has overdrawn his account by $15. There is a $10 service charge for an overdrawn account. If he deposits $60, what is his new balance? so far, this is what i think it should be like: *15+10=-5 -5+60=55 is it $55???

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