May 29, 2016

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How much carbon dioxide is produced upon the complete combustion of 17.3L of propane (approximately content of one 5-gal tank)? Assume that the density of the liquid propane in the tank is 0.621 g/mL. Can you please list the steps! I am really confused! I tried many ways but I...
November 2, 2015

which colony was founded mainly as a place for personal and religous freedon?
June 27, 2011

a 17 kg car travels in a flat circle . At a certain instant the velocity of the car is 18m/s west and the total acceleration of the car is 2m/s^2 at 51 degrees north west. what is its radius? answer in units of km.
November 19, 2010

an 80 kg physics student is riding the cajun cliffhanger. this ride had a diameter of 8.0m (u:0.06)the ride produces enough centripetal force to suspend a student. 1.what is the force of friction to keep the student suspended? 2.what normal force is required to generate the ...
May 3, 2010

A 75 kg pilot flies in her plane in a loop and notices that at the top of the loop, where the plane is completely uspside down for an instant, she hangs freely in her seat. the airspeed indecator reads 120m/sec. (a)what is the radius of the planes loop? (b) What is the ...
May 3, 2010

A .545kg ornament is hanging on a .75m uniform board, with mass .22kg above a babies crib. the ornament is .35 m from one end. Each end is supported by a wire. Calculate the tension in the two wires.
May 3, 2010

another name for sporophyte is?
September 29, 2009

Social Studies
What was significant about the Joint-stock company? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "joint stock company" to get these possible sources:
September 1, 2006

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