July 23, 2014

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Quantum Physics
PLease Problem 5!?

A Pratt and whitney PW4000 turbofan engine is able to provide a maximum thrust of 2.49 x 100000 N.A Boeing 747-400 airliner has four of these engines. If its mass is 2.72 x 100000 kg, what is its acceleration?

The Republic of Singapore Air Force uses the AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile which has a mass of 85.6kg. If the missile can accelerate from 300m/s to 700m/s in 6 seconds, what is the average force exerted on the missile?

A test car with a dummy driver of mass 60 kg was propelled towards a rigid wall. If the speed of the dummy driver just before impact was 40m/s and the time between the collision and the dummy coming to the rest was 0.10 s, calculate: (i) the average retardation of the dummy dr...

If you have swam one lap in a swimming pool, that means you have swam from one end to the other and back. In 3.5 h, a swimmer makes exactly 86 laps in a swimming pool that is 43 m long. Determine the distance the swimmer traveled, the total displacement of the swimmer, the swi...

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