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[IMG]h t t p://i32. tinypic. com/ann3ow.jpg[/IMG] I do not know what to put for any of the answers..i have somewhat of an idea for the first question (ecology, demographics, government) but i cant think of anything for numbers 1 and 2

A gas fills 80ml at 740mm. what volume will it have at standard pressure? Stuck on this problem. Please Help. Thanks

spanish!!...urgent!...please help
o... but these things don't really help with the answers i need

spanish!!...urgent!...please help
but how do i google it..because when i type in the question, nothin really comes up

spanish!!...urgent!...please help
how did the geography influence the migration and exploration of colombia? venezuela? i need websitres for this urgent...please help asap... :(


15 - 24 / 4 x 2 Following order of operations, how do you get 3 as the value?

What is 1/3 of 1/4 teaspoon? How do you do this?

solve for x 8x - 11 = -11x + 18

How did the feudal system help Zhou leaders control their empires? thank you :)

Explain the Mandate of Heaven. thank you! :)

social studies
new ______ technologies hellp to protect the environment

What is a simple subject?

How did King Leopold violate V of the Berlin Act of 1885? It appears that these questions are based on your assigned reading. Please post your answer from your reading and we'll be glad to comment on it.

Why did the United States support the reign of Joseph Mobutu? Check this site. http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0833515.html

Why was the United States involved in Patrice Lumumba's assassination? It hasn't been proven that the United States was involved with Lumumba's assassination. The U.S. didn't like him, though, because he was leading the Congo toward the Soviet Union. Check thes...

How did the Cold War(period that begun immediately following WWII) affect the Congo? Please check the Cold War article in this encyclopedia. http://encarta.msn.com/

Why was self-rule initially difficult for the Congo? Self-rule was initially difficult because the Congolese had no experience running companies or governments. They also fought among themselves because they belonged to many different ethnic groups. The Congo was not unified a...

English / Grammar
Please check the following sentences and let me know if they are correct. Thank you in advance!! Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified before the sentence. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuation within Sentences—...

Hello, I have a few questions I'm working on for Statistics hw. Here's one of them - please help me, I'm stuck. It is known that 2% of the population has a general injection allergy. Suppose the Health Dept. randomly selected 250 individuals from the population and...

English / Grammar
Pleas let me know if the correct punctuation and the sentence is correct. 1. The goose bit the mailman on the leg. 2. I drove ten miles with five gallons of gas. 3. I could not buy milk because the store was closed. 4. For the seventh time, would you stop running around the ho...

a=3,b=2,c=2 would this make a triangle? if so, how would i find the angles? thanks for helping. You would find the angles using the cosine law. When all three sides are given to a triangle, you can solve for each angle.

Hi! I've been stuck on this question for a while. I know that I have to do some sort of 1-1/k^2 for empirical rule, correct? I can't figure out how to calculate any of this and what it means of within the standard deviation. I would greatly appreciate any help on this ...

Compare the population per square mile in Asia to the population per square mile in North America for the year 2000 Asia is 17,400 (land area) and land area is 1000 mi squared population is 4,028,000,000 North America is 9,400 (land area) and land area is 1,000 mi squared popu...

What is the total area of Europe? the land area is (1,000 mi squared) Europe land area is 3,800 so do I do it like thsi? 3800*1000 mi squared=3800000 mi squared? You have a problem here: 3800 what? Please completely rewrite the problem. Then repost it.

Would this be correct? What is the percent increase in the population for all six inhabited continents, excluding Asia, from 1950 to 2000? total for 1950 - 965,000,000 total for 2000 - 2,251,000,000 2,251,000,000 - 965,000,000 = 1,286,000,000 1,286,000,000 divided by 965,000,0...

What was the percent increase in the mean population from 1950 to 2000? 1950 - 426,000,000 2000 - 1,046,500,000 DO I divide 426,000,000 by 1,046,500,000 which is 40.7%? No. First you find the difference in the mean population. Then you take the diiference and you divide it by ...

What was the percent increase in the population in South America from 1900 to 2000? in 1900- 38,000,000 in 2000- 515,000,000 I was thinking that I need to divide 515,000,000 by 38,000,000 which is 13.55% but I am not sure. subtract 38,000,000 from 515,000,000 To get 477,000,00...

Oops, I accidently posted this as an answer to my previous question, when in fact it was another question. ________________ How do I convert mg/L NaCl to mg/L Na^+? What I tried was: ppm Na^+ = mg/L Na^+ = 1mg NaCl/L * (22.99gNa/35.45gCl) = 0.649 ppm Na^+ But this didn't s...

I have a certain concentration of NaCl (in mg/L). I have to convert it to ppm Na+. I read some of the previous posts, and I understand that if I don't know the density, I should assume that 1ppm = 1mg/L. Does this also apply to ppm Na+ since there is 1 Na+ ion for each mol...

She feels embarassed because Momma refers to Mrs. Flowers as "Sister" and uses incorrect grammar.

honors geometry
The triangle with vertices at A (-2, 2), B (-8, -1) and C (-8, -1) is reflected about the line y= 2x + 1. Express the coordinates of the reflection of A as an ordered pair. How do you set this problem up? Thank you. A neat way to check your thinking. Draw the system (triangle,...

An industry currently has 100 firms, all of which have fixed costs of $16 and avg. variable cost as follows: Q Avg. Variable Cost ($) 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 a. Compute marginal cost and avg. total cost. b. the price is $10. what is the total quantity supplied in the market? c...

Dear Christy, The binary form preceded the sonata allegro form. Sonata-allegro form is still used today in modern music.

a rock weighing 20.0N falls from a height of 16.0m and sinks 0.600 m into the ground. from energy considerations, find the average force between the rock and the ground as the rock sinks. (avg. force) x (distance sunk) is the3 work done by the soil in decelerating the rock Tha...

A body of mass 100.0g is attached to a hanging spring whose force constant is 10.0 kN/m. The body is lifted until the spring is in its unstretched state. The body is then released. Using the law of conservation of energy, calculate the speed of the body when it strikes a table...

english story
do it yourself

ETH 125
Another Axia student here. In my second week and hate the class all ready. Is the class really soing to help me lol???

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