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College math
f(x)=x^2+7 upward 8 units

Find the absolute value of: 27.8

Find the absolute value of: -18.7

Find the reciprocal: -212/13

Solve the equation using the addition property of equality. p – 1 = 4

3/7 of what number is 9?

contemporary math
Question 1. 1. Natureland Garden Center buys lawn mowers that list for $679.95 less a 30% trade discount. What is the dollar amount of the trade discount? (Points

Electricity and Electronics
Actually, CHILL...the correct answer for #15 is B, and the correct answer for #19 is C. My daughter just took this exam & she made a 100 on it.

If I spill 100ml of a .5 M H3PO4 solution, how many grams of NaOH should be dissolved in water and added to the spill to neutralize the acid?

If I spill 100ml of a .5 M H3PO4 solution, how many grams of NaOH should be dissolved in water and added to the spill to neutralize the acid?

An isotope of Glopenium disintegrates according to the formula A(t) = Ao2^-0.0345t where Ao is the initial mass of the substance and t is the time in years. If there are 2 milligrams of Glopenium now, find the number of milligrams that will be left after 35 years. Your answer ...

i dont know ask somebody ask your mom you stupid

I think that it is B

While working at The Nut House you are asked to make a mixture of raisins and nuts worth $2.75/lb. You have 12 pounds of raisins worth $1.25/lb. How many pounds of nuts worth $4.00/lb should you add to the raisins to get the right-priced mix? I have no idea how to solve this. ...


what percent is 14 of 132

what is your down payment? 20% ($50,000) or less

c the standing committees in the house and senate were the bill originated.

Please will you help me with this assignment? It is due on Friday the 20th of May 2011. Thank you very much Loretta Marshall

equipment cost $20,000 and is financed over a period of five years at an interest rate of 12%...What is the monthly payment...What is the loan balance at the end of four years and how much interest will have been paid on the loan after five years?

Case Study: Diet for a Patient with Chronic Hunger, Iron Deficiency Anemia, and Lead Poisoning Jonathan, a two-and-a-half-year-old, lives with his mother and brothers at his grandmother's house in Chicago. His mother, Anita, works at a pharmacy to support the family. Jona...

human resources
A process involveds drilling holes that are supposed to be 3 inches deep. If it is known that the quality cost of a hole drilled 2.95 inches deep is $5.00, what is Taguchi's quality loss function for this process?

Using the binomial theroem to estimate 6.07^2 ive got 6^2(1+0.01)^2 but im not sure if its right and i dont know where to go for here

1. P 2. NP 3. NP 4. NP 5. P 6. NP 7. P 8. P

10th grade
reduce each rational expression into lowest terms. 2y+4/3y+6

10th grade math
oh wow haha. I see. thank you!

10th grade math
Ok that's what I thought. I tried to do that. -2 x 1=-2 -2 + 1=-1 2 x 1=3 2+1=3 -1 x 2=-2 -1+2=1 I don't know what other numbers multiply to 2.

10th grade math
Never heard of diamond. I've heard of FOIL.

10th grade math
How do I factor 4x^2-12x+8? so far I took out the Greatest Common Factor. 4(x^2-3x+2) What next?

The speed of a transverse wave on a string is 450 m/s, while the wavelength is 0.18m. The amplitude of the wave is 2.0mm. How much time is required for a particle of the string to move through a total distance of 1.0km? I NEED SOME HINTS TO DO IT!!!PLEASE HELP!!!THANKS!!!!!

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