March 25, 2017

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I think it maybe C.
March 22, 2016

Simon wishes to have $400,000 in a retirement fund 20 years from now. He can create the retirement fund by making a single lump sum deposit today. How much would Simon need to have on deposit at retirement in order to withdraw $35,000 annually over the 15 years if the ...
March 15, 2014

precalc pre ap
If theta is a rotation angle that terminates in quadrant ll and sin of theta is 5/13, find cos of theta and tan of theta. Use the first Pythagorean identity to solve for cos of theta and use quotient identity to solve for tan of theta.
December 2, 2012

Oh, how embarrassing for the spam, but what I stated earlier, just above, was a work of negligence. Because I quickly looked at the problem, I mistook M203 for M(s). If only there was an editing button...I'll just leave my work up in the open, as I was trying to follow ...
March 15, 2012

Sorry, for part three, it is not only because of 3/2 moles from O2(g). Part 3 is asking for "equilibrium pressure of O2(g) over M(s) at 298K? (atm)." Although it is 3/2 nevertheless, because M(s) also has 1 mole, it is due to O2(g)/M(s) so (3/2)/(1) =3/2. Please ...
March 15, 2012

I see what asker did wrong too, because she left it incomplete at first. Since Kelsey found #1, 10.6, I'll leave it at that. Part 2: (Gibbs energy)= -RTln(K) -> 10.6 kJ/mol= -(8.314 J/molxK)(298K)ln(K) -> 10.6 x 10^3 (J/mol) = -(2477.6 J/mol)ln(K) -> Divide "...
March 15, 2012

Spanish-8th grade
You need to correct: 1. ¿Dónde estuvo tu mamá ayer? Mi mamá estuvo en la tienda. 2. ¿Tocaste un instrumento la semana pasada? Si, yo toqué un instrumento la semana pasada. 3.¿Dónde estuviste el lunes pasado? Yo fui a la ...
January 4, 2012

At 298.K and 1.00 atm, assume that 22 mL of NO gas reacts with 18 mL of oxygen gas and excess water to produce nitric acid according to the following equation: O (g) H O(l) 2 HNO (g) 2 3 2NO(g) + 2 + 2 ¾¾® 3 . If all of the nitric acid produced by this ...
November 2, 2010

What are the actual roles of aged people in Asia,Africa and America? This is such a broad question -- covering millions of people on three continents -- that a definitive answer isn't possible in this short space. First we need to define what you mean by "aged people...
December 16, 2006

business management
discuss the relationship between performance,motivation ability and the work environment every business needs a ?
August 10, 2005

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