July 29, 2014

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Suppose you want to heat a mug of water (250mL) from room temperature at 25oC to 100oC to make a cup of tea. How much energy (in units of calories and joules) would you need from your microwave? Please make chart!!

75x250x4.184=78450 J 78450/4.184= 18750 Cal

How do yoi solve 1+1=?????????? "WHAT?!!?" ummmmmmm dont u just put the 1's together... i think its 11. Thanks DUDE!!!! :') All this time I thought it was 2! :' ) Ha-Ha! How dumb was I. Welp; that's what I get for thinking.... :')

which element has 16 protons, 17 neutrons, and 16 electrons? Look on the periodic table. It is element number 16 since that is the number of protons and electrons. I know sulphur has 16 of each. However, it might be an isotope of sulphur to have 17 neutrons. http://www.chemica...

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