March 23, 2017

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how to find the dimension if the diagonal of the rectangle is 8 meters longer than its shorter side and the area of the rectangle is 60 square meters?
July 28, 2016

Give an example of imagery from act 5 in Romeo and Juliet
May 11, 2014

A speed bike tops a hill at 3.5 m/s and accelerates steadily down hill reaching a speed of 11.4 m/s after 4.2 seconds. How far did the bike travel during this period?
June 4, 2012

38.9 for the first one. 75.2 for the 2nd one.
October 22, 2010

November 4, 2009

What is the pH of a 1.24 mol/L solution of HCN(aq) if its Ka = 6.2 x 10^-10? I am not sure how to this question... I did 6.2x10^-10/ 1.24?? I am not sure if it is right OR are we suppose to find the Kb value which i already did Kb= kw/ka = 1.0x10^-14/6.2x10^-10 = 1.61x10^-5 ...
April 10, 2008

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