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math- commutative property
My daughter had this question for Hw and wasn't sure the correct answer. the expression was (4 7/8 +3 3/4)+5 1/8 which shows another way to write the expression using only the commutative property of addition A) 4 7/8+(3 3/4 +5 1/8) B)(5 1/8 +4 7/8) +3 3/4 C) 3 3/4 +4 7/8)...

True or False Research may be used as a diagnostic tool to provide information about what is happening in the enviroment? True

True or False Researchers who have strong opinions about the subject of a study are likely to do a better job of conducting the research. False, strong opinions could lead to bias results.

How many mL of a stock solution of 2M potassium nitrate would you need to prepare 100mL of .150 M potassium nitrate?

Dylan loved pencils. He had a whole box full of pencils in different colors and designs. One-seveth of them were yellow, one-sixth of them were blue, and the rest of the pencils had designs on them. What fraction represents the pencils with designs on them?

How many grams of carbon tetrachloride can be produced from reacting 709.0 grams of chlorine with excess methane?

How do I calculate the wavelength of the emission line when electrons drop from the 4th to the 3rd energy level in the hydrogen atom?

I need a paragraph telling about myself but i need someone to check it for me. Bonjour mis amis. Je m'applle lisa. Je suis vingt ans. Mon couleur preferee est le bleu. Mon saison preferee est l'automne. Je suis drole, actif, et intelligent. J'ai un appartment a New...

which elements are in H2S

i want to see if thers a web site wer you could see the moons face from february 2010 he info and pic

Why is the naming of created things important(esp in science)?

Besides between Mars and Jupiter,where else are minor planets(aka asteroids) located?

Thanks! :)

How many minor planets(aka asteroids) are there?

I'm homeschooled so I have no teacher that can help me.I need all the help I can get!Thanks for the help!:) any other suggestions anyone?

Hey! I like math,but this year I'm doing algebra 1 and am not doing so well. I understand the lessons,but then the next day I learn a new way to solve a different problem and confuse the old way with this new way. So on tests,I know how to answer some problems but then get...

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