March 29, 2017

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3 Math
If you know That 4 x5= 20, how can you use the commutative property to find 5x4= 20 ?
December 3, 2014

a culture started with 2000 bacteria. after 2 hour , it grew to 2,400 bacteria. predict how many bacteria will be present after 10 hours. round your answer to the nearest whole number.
November 7, 2010

An electron moves from one plate to another across which there is a potential difference of 2000 V. a) Find the speed with which the electron strikes the positive plate. For this problem, I used the Potential difference equation: (2000)(1.60x10^-19)=3.2E-16=delta PE I was ...
February 25, 2010

US History
does anyone can provide me a website for this issue? i cannnot find them when search with google.
February 25, 2008

US History
why are some narrative of slave consider bias by historian?
February 25, 2008

The marginal costs and prices of a purely competitive market system accurately measure: a. Both spillover costs and spillover benefits b. Spillover costs but not spillover benefits c. Spillover benefits but not spillover costs d. Neither spillover costs nor spillover benefits ...
November 29, 2006

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