May 3, 2015

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hi there, could anyone please proof-read this for me? many thanks! il y a cinq ans que j'ai vu un accident. il faisait beau, et ma parents et moi allions du supermarché. Ma père conduisait. Quand nous passé le feux de signalisation, nous avons voyions ...
April 27, 2008

and that 36 is 3^6
March 30, 2008

and that 93 is 9^3
March 30, 2008

the weird symbol is pi
March 30, 2008

I'm confused. When I wrote it out by hand, I got: ð(3ln(9)-6ln(3)+6)-(ln(1)-2ln(1)+2) ð(ln(93)-ln(36)+6)- 2 (since ln(1)=0) ð(ln(729)-ln(729)+6)-2 6ð-2
March 30, 2008

Can someone solve this integral for me? My calculator just gives me a decimal approximation but I need an exact number. Thanks! :) pi[{3ln(3)^2 - 6ln (3) + 6} - {ln(1)^2 - 2 ln(1) + 2}]
March 30, 2008

AP chem
is there anyway that i could also get help with the chemistry problem that eric posted?
January 23, 2008

Is NH4+ a polar or nonpolar bond?
November 30, 2007

The path of a projectile fired at a 30 degree angle to the horizontal is best described as 1.parabolic 2.linear 3.circular 4.hyperbolic
October 29, 2007

How does the eruption of volcanoes effect the enviornment, climate, water cycle, animals and plants? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Please visit the following: 1. 2. http://...
April 16, 2007

social studies
can you explain the slave trade and the 3/5 th compromise to me? what states were involved in this trade? http://www.justicelearning....
February 9, 2007

I cannot solve this pattern! 1,1,4,3,9,6,16,10,25,15 HINT: two different patterns are intertwined BIGGER HINT: only look at every other number This is a conjured up sequence not identifiable by any recursion formula. The first sequnece is 1 4 9 16 25 36 48... and the second ...
August 25, 2006

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