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how many integers, x, for which x/2, x/3 and x/5 is also an integer can be found between 1 and 500? help me!!

''what if a person eats a special diet for their health?''i asked.where is an incorrect pronoun?

Tax question.
Joe age 24 single amd not claimed as a dependent. In 2011 his only income Was 5,000 of unemployment and he had 500 of net income from mowing lawns. Joe must file a 2011 tax return. True or false I'm unsure because you I don't know if he has to file because of his unemp...

Tax question
The same filing requirements that apply to individuals determine if a final return must be filed for a person who dies during the year. True or false My answer would be True is it right. If I'm wrong can u explain.

Which of the following sentences displays a correct use of punctuation? A.The Dutch master, Rembrandt, is famous for his self-portraits. B.The Dutch master Rembrandt is famous for his self-portraits. C.The Dutch master Rembrandt, is famous for his self-portraits Pretty sure th...


Name 5 black or irish people who contirbuted to society in the 1950s

so is the nail grove as shown in wikipedia the nail sulcus or the nail fold?

Is nail sulcus and nail fold the same thing?

What is another way of saying 'i don't mind'?

English grammar
Does this sentence sound correct: 'This can be a very delicate topic to discuss with clients and hence health professional must proceed with caution and discretion'

Is it correct to say 'people's psychological, physical and social needs'' or instead of saying people's would I just say people?

A ladder leans against a house at a 60° angle to the ground. If the ladder extends to a length of 166 inches, what is the height of the house to the nearest hundredth of an inch?

Managerial Economics
Okay, but which one do you think would be the answer between the multiple choices given.

Managerial Economics
The Largo Publishing House uses 400 printers (workers) and 200 printing presses to produce books. A printer's wage rate is $20 per hour and the price per hour of a printing press is $5,000. The last printer hired added 20 books (per hour) to total output, while the last pr...

The Gamma Corporation, one of the firms that retains you as a financial analyst, is considering buying out Beta Corporation, a small manufacturing firm that is now barely operating at a profit. You recommend the buyout because you believe that new management could substantiall...

Two 2.00kg balls are attached to the ends of a thin rod length 50.0cm and negligible mass. The rod is free to rotate about a horizontal axis at the center, without friction. With the rod horizontal, a 50.0 gram glob of putty drops onto one of the balls, hitting it with a speed...

I don't get make a ten. 9+6= then 2 lines come out of the 6 the next line says 10+ _ =_

social studies
what does it mean by good aspects when we talk about reconstruction law policy??

Very low temperature molecular clouds emit most of their light in which part of the electromagnetic spectrum? a) the visible b) the x-ray c)the ultraviolet d)the radio e)the infrared

thanks. :)

what is an equation for the line that passes through the coordinates (2,0) and (0,3)? (1) y=-3/2x+3 (2) y=-3/2x-3 (3) y=-2/3x+2 (4) y=-2/3x-2 explain the steps too please. :)

tell me theworking science model for physics hhw and also give the procedure for the same as early as possible

10th grade
how can i make an easy working model in physics for class 10 holiday home work

oh okay. thanks so much. this site is so helpful. :D

ohh well the whole set is {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}

what would be a complement of the subset {3,6,7,8,11}?

thanks so much. do you have time for one more problem ?

uhm no. explain the steps please?

the cost of three markers and two pencils is 1.80 the cost of four markers and six pencils is 2.90 what is the cost of each item?

lynn is right

lynn is right

child development
Sounds like a tough assignment for preschoolers.


does this sentence need a comma? "next time you see a bat don't be afaird.

What are the eight accounting concepts?

what is the derivative of sinx- cosy = 0 in its simplest form? I got to the point y'=-consx/siny, but I wasn't too sure. This could probably simplified further. help! You're supposed to treat y as a function of x and differentiate it implicitly. We have d/dx{sinx- ...

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