May 1, 2016

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other than astronomy would astronomers have to study in order to discover black holes?
November 30, 2015

if one car drives at 83 mph and the other drives at 83 mph how long until their 83 miles apart. i did 83x + 48x = 83 131x = 83/131 divided by 1 x = 83/131 multiply by 60/1 = 131 multiplied by 60 = 2.2 i got 2.2 hours
October 28, 2015

A woman with mass of 63 kg stands at the rim of a horizontal table having a moment of inertia of 520 kg m2 and a radius of 1.5 m. The turntable is initially at rest and is free to rotate about a frictionless, vertical axis through its center. The woman then starts walking ...
February 16, 2015

social studies
why is mexico called a developing country?
November 25, 2014

I did that but I keep getting the wrong answer
February 26, 2014

a. How many moles of N2 are present in a 1.00 qt flask that has a pressure of 425 torr at a temperature of 35°C? What is the mass in this na2?
February 26, 2014

A 150.0 mL flask contains 740. g of N2 at 0°C. What is the pressure in atm. What is the pressure in torr? What is the pressure in psi?
February 26, 2014

The school store open on the first day of school with 30 notebooks and 18 pencils. Within two days it sold all of these items. On the first day, twice as many notebooks were sold as pencils. On the second day, for every 3 notebooks sold, 2 pencils were sold. how many notebooks...
February 19, 2014

how many seconds would it take to go from 0mi/h to 60 mi/h with an average acceleration of 15mi/h squared
February 10, 2012

From Theory To Practice
One Tablespoon
November 2, 2011

what is the place value for each of the following numbers 2,071,463,548
September 1, 2011

the shorter leg of a 30-60-90 triangle is 2.4 inches long. find the perimeter.
March 28, 2011

the vertices of ABC are A(1,1) B(7,3) and C(2,6) write and equation of the line that contains the median from c to ab
December 5, 2010

8th grade science
When forces are ______ they are equal and opposite and their is ________ ___________.
November 21, 2010

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