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by selling an article for Rs. 500, a profit 12 1/2% is made. find the cost price of the article? let c.p. be x. then gain =25/2

A BMW convertible travels on the german autobahn at the speed of 128km/h.what is the speed of the car, in m/s and in mi/h.what is the answer.

What is fraction of5/6

Platelets and fibrin


physical acience
Compute the density in g/cm3 of a piece of metal that has a mass of 0.360 kg and a volume of 74 cm3.

A cylinder must move a 2000 lb load 2 ft. How much work must it perform?

differential calculus
a bed is in a form of a circular sector. find its radius if the area of the sector is 1000 centimeter square and its perimeter is a minimum

1/8 inch= 5 mile, then 1 inch = how many miles

How many moles are 400 g of Ca(HSO4)2

Social Studies

Robert feeds his dog 1 lb 4 oz of dog food a day. How long will a 40 pound bag last ?

Refer to Table 1 in the article “Snail Shells in a Practical Application of Statistical Procedures” in the Electronic Reserve Readings. Find the margin of error, E, with a confidence interval of your choosing (50-99%). What is the significance of choosing a ...

environmental science
Explain the main point concerning exponential growth and whether it is good or bad. Compare exponential growth to a logistic growth curve and explain how these might apply to human population growth. What promotes exponential growth? What constrains population growth?

What are some social, economic, aesthetics, and ethical issues involved in a current environmental controversy?

Find the name of an organism hiding in the word habitat

What is the molarity of a salt solution in which 117.0 grams of salt (NaCl) is dissolved in water to give 5.00 L of solution? Show all work including units.

pysical science
how do you find the density of a solution where the mass=60.75gms and the volume=45ml

4th grade
6 2 9 3 12 4

math 157
Give the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line y = x + 4 and passes through point (0, -1)

how many signigicant figures does 890 have?

1. A number leaves remainder 6 when divided by 10. What is the remainder when the number is divided by 5? Justify your reasoning.

For which integers a, b, and c does a – b- c= a- (b – c) Justify your answer.

Medical billing and coding
Explain the importance of a fee schedule and the factors it's based on.

Medical billing and coding
Discuss coding for obstetrics, including items covered by the global fee for antepartum and postpartum periods of normal pregnancy.

Having trouble knowing where to start with this one: A maker of tools claims the average amount of time it takes to assemble a table saw is 50 mins with a standard deviation of 40 mins. What is the probability that the sample mean will be less than 44 mins if a random sample ...

sports unscramble
Penalty Kill

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