July 30, 2014

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A cork gun contains a spring whose spring constant is 11.0 N/m. The spring is compressed by a distance DX = 9.8 cm and used to propel a cork of mass 6.60 g from the gun. Assuming the cork is released when the spring passes through its equilibrium position (Xeq), what is the sp...

I DONT UNDERSTAND. WHAT IS: distance horzontal due to force= 1/2 F/m*t^2 and what do you mean by: put that time in distance horizontal, then take the derivative of distance/dt and set to zero if you can explain in more details it will help thanks alot

A 1680- kg rocket is launched with a velocity v0 = 55 m/s against a strong wind. The wind exerts a constant horizontal force Fwind = 15600 N on the rocket. At what launch angle will the rocket achieve its maximum range?

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