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Thank you, you were right with number 7, it was express.

Thank you for your answer! For 7 I thought it was either to inform or to analyze, so I guess to analyze? and 9 it was between B and A so I guess A? And 10. It creates an anxious tone? Thank you again.

6.Read the following excerpt from "The Middle Passage" by Olauduh Equaino. Immediately another quite dejected fellow who on account of his illness was suffered to be out of irons also followed their example and i believe many more would soon have done the same, if t...

Grade 12 Calculus
Hey u jst derive ua equation an replace ua x by 1\3 Or u jst replait wthought deriving it.

Math / Algebra
I would like to know if I got my answer right. I am supposed to find the LCM of 11(t-5)and 55(t-5). I thought that the answer was 11t-55 but I am a little bit lost can you please help me. Thanks

How can I find tHe equivalent expression of -(92u+86x-44). I thought about changing the whole expression but it did not work ex: -92u-86x+44

I am supposed to use patterns or a linear equation to complete the table but I can not find a pattern of linear equation. For instance I tried Q=11(P)+0. but it works for only the first one and the last two. Plase help... P --2--- 88 ----- 8 ------ 10 ----- ? Q--22---- ? -----...

Actually it does say y=10^3x which confuses me a little bit, I research a little and I think that this could be an equation in exponential function is this right?? Thank you for answering so fast!!

Identify in the following equation is quadratic or linear? y=10^3x According to what I understand this needs to be a quadratic equation, because it is in exponential form, and a linear equation does not use exponents am I right??

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